In case you didn’t truly understand me the first time, my crew aka my family does keep the “fun” in dysfunctional. Now, mind you, I don’t think of them as any different than any other family–they aren’t. They’re just mine.
So, now everyone’s up in arms, we’ve got marriages, we’ve go engagements…things that would usually be the subject of celebration. Except…you guessed it, in my crew. Okay…without going into too much detail. I’ll say that marriage should not be taken lightly. You should not marry someone out of fear of loneliness, or insecurity. You should not marry someone to control or own them, their spirit, or their bank account. That’s all I’ll say.
Truth about Monica: 1. Monica cannot and will not fake happiness. (Thank God, no one was stupid enough to ask me if I’m happy for them. They know I’ll tell them.)
2. Monica cannot partake in a lie. (Please don’t ask me to partake in your nuptiuals. I have a very sensitive stomach, doesn’t do too well with b.s.)
3. Monica cannot/will not pretend to like someone she doesn’t. The truth: even if it hurts. (I don’t care if you married into my family. I do not like you, but, I’ll respect my relative and you station in their lives.)
4. Monica will not say, “I told you so!” But, will not hold your hand when the consequences for selfish/wrong/crazy/against-natural-way-of-thinking choices show up. (But, I love you anyway.)
Things have, and will continue to take place in the world and my family that I won’t and don’t like. But, alas… I have no control. (Thank God!!!!) My controlling abilities, like yours (whether you know it or not) begin and end with me. I cannot enforce my thoughts, beliefs or will onto anyone else. And, honestly, wouldn’t want to. This–this is why I can laugh at all things, serious and ridiculous, because I choose to have a good time, no matter what. And, I think that’s why Buddha laughs. Although, he hasn’t confirmed it to me directly.
“Riding the rollercoaster, and so the story goes… So, let’s go!”
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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