So, as per usual, this blog has been gesticulating in my psyche, energy-field, and cellular structure, before finding its way here. And, what comes forth is a pondering of this incessant chatter all around us. It’s called distraction. Why the hell are people so afraid of being alone with themselves?!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not your cute and cuddly psychic, spiritual-yammer-er (I know its not a word) /person.  I’m not here to tell you how easy it all is, because, it isn’t! I don’t even want to give you the impression that its easy, but, I will tell you that it gets easier with practice. But, you must choose to be awake, first.  If you cannot commit to at least that much for yourself, I’ll wait, while you click away from my page. LOL!

1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…

Okay, that should have been enough time. If you’re still here, then, you’re either sick of being asleep, nosey, or, you’re wondering what I could possibly say next. Oh…you have no idea! 😉

I would like everyone to understand that being alone is not only a good thing, but, its  necessary for spiritual growth. And, if you’re not here–meaning the planet, without the craving to know and be yourself in full–then, how did you find my page?  Checking into my page, means that there’s something within in you that is looking for “more”. And, in order to truly figure out what that “more” is,  you must learn to enjoy being alone with yourself.

Everything in the world today is doing its best to keep you separated from yourself, and the rest of us. Whether its the ready-made insecurity factory of entertainment and fashion, to the full-on 24/7/365  assault of news and information technology. The bottom-line is– the more we seem to be informed about what is going on outside ourselves, the less time and energy we have for what’s going on within. It’s absolutely draining to try and live in today’s society.  But, has anyone besides me looked at it all and thought–wait, is this being done on purpose?  Truly, if you weren’t so busy, being ” in the know”, “cool”, “informed”, “intelligent”, “interesting”, etc, you’d have so much more time to like, love, feel, and live yourself, wouldn’t you?

The obros…no matter how much of itself it chokes on, it doesn’t stop eating.  –Such a systemic, psychological illness being perpetuated. You need more stuff, more knowledge, more religion, more information, more books, more music, more clothing, more food, more drugs, more sex, more shopping, more, more, more!  Addicted, much?!

— Being alone cost nothing.  Being alone, without distraction will allow you to come to the realization what you need most in life, is always available to you–tax free, no membership-fees, or co-sign necessary. What you need is you. There are a myriad of ways to find the silence within. And, I’m sure the most inept of people have somehow, unbeknownst to even themselves,  found silence. Of course, if you’re on the run from problems or hurts, the moment you hear or feel silence- you immediately must “do” something. But, what if you didn’t? What if you just sat there, and listened to this aspect tell you all about itself.

“Remember when we were little and so-and-so hurt us? I’m still upset about that.”

“I don’t like myself  because _________ , and I’m still hurting over it.”

“You hurt that person, and I’m still mad at you about it. You never apologized!”

“I’m really scared at being as amazing as I know I truly am–I still feel guilty about it.”

“But, what if I fail?? Who am I then?”

If any of this is hitting home for you–two things should be obvious: 1. A lot of people share the same hurts.  2. Just because you don’t have the conversation with yourself, doesn’t mean the feelings go away.  Did you know that? Feelings unfelt, don’t leave!  They become the core to a kaliedoscope of symptoms of vices, distractions, and other methods of self-sabatoge. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are just too many poisons to choose from.  But, what’s more, unhappy has become such the norm, that its being glorified through music, art, literature, culture and religion. I’ll say this now: suffering in ANY capacity, is not, and will never be cool to me. And, I’m an artist! What’s more, I will NOT EVER make it normal in my view.

When we think of suffering, we think of people without the so-called basics of life:  i.e. food, shelter, and clothing. But, what about those who hurt so much they over-eat, drink too much, shoot up, snort things, steal, or…or…or…  Are they not suffering? I would say so. But, why? Why is any of this necessary? I do not believe it is. Society, must decide whether or not its going ot heal itself, one soul at a time.  Each soul, will have to decide if they’ve had enough of the daily grind of lying through distractions.  And, yes, if you’re walking around your life pretending that you’re okay with yourself, but, your actual life is miserable–you are a liar. And, if I were your friend, and didn’t tell you–I, too would be lying. — There will be no spoonfuls of sugar to help that go down. It’s the truth–if you can’t handle it–learn.

I’m waiting for the saturation point. The point where everyone goes– “Okay, enough of this shit– I’m going to the mountains, or beach, or desert, my garden, my bathtub–or…– just the hell out of here!” –The point where you’re so sick of the news telling you more bad news, or an ad telling you what to buy, or, somebody telling you what to think, how to think, who to be, that you just — get up, walk away and say to yourself, “I apologize for that rude interruption. Now, what were you saying?”  lol… When that becomes the norm, then perhaps we can go back to providing goods and services that enhance the truth of your life, rather than the lie of it.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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