Okay so… I’m kinda doing a false advertisment, because this isn’t about the supernatural. It’s about something very natural: smiling.  Not many people know this, but, I’m a huge fan of smiley faces. Yes that big yellow bald guy that told you to “Have a nice day!” in the 70’s??? Yeah, we’re pretty close.  I love smiling in general. In fact, I  was asked recently if I was addicted to smiling.  Without a a thought I said, “YES!” I’ve been in NYC for what, 14 yrs at this point and I’m a serial smiler. Which isn’t typical NYer behavior. Most NYers don’t like being looked at much less smiled at, but… I do it anyway. People used to be freaked out by it, but, now…they just smile back; having no idea why. I think of it as a subliminal message to the subconscious. If I am geniunely smiling at you and looking you in the eye, all of a sudden whoops– before you know it, you’re smiling back and you feel happier. And, you don’t even know what happened!
There’s this belief that like attracts like. And, well…yeah, I listen to metal, love the color black and have a healthy fascination with Count Vlad aka Count Dracula, but, still… I’m all light and sunshine on the inside. And, nothing says it more than my smile and my laugh. It’s like one of the most honest obnoxious laughs you’ve ever heard. When I’m out with my friends and I’m laughing, people have been known to stare or look at us weird. I’m not self-conscious about having a good time, or much of anything for that matter, so… I assume, they just wished they were having as good of a time as us. Which, not for nothing, is usually the case.
Did you know that a smile can stop crimes? Seriously…I’ve stopped a person from robbing someone else just by smiling really bright and saying, “Hi! How are you doing?” And, after they’re smiling back, well…kinda doesn’t make you wanna rob people anymore. Because whatever was making you feel that desperate, seems a lot more managable. Sounds crazy, but, I’ve done this at least twice and it’s worked both times.
Life is taken waaaayyyy too seriously by most people. We get all wrapped up in the small stuff and think things like smiling and laughing are odd. We stress about things that wouldn’t seem so insurmountable, if we redirected the energy into something positive. One of my favorite images is of Buddha lauging, you know the big fat Buddha? Or, seeing the Dala Lama laughing. Or…actually anyone geniunely laughing. You wanna see beauty? Look at the face of anyone having a hearty laugh, it’s open, their eyes are bright and full of life, and the world just became a paradise in that moment. So, smile…laugh and let your love light shine for all the world to see, because my dears… like attracts like.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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