Its been a couple of months since I turned 40. And, I sit in a place of knowing of myself, that I’ve never experienced before. Much of my youth was spent trying to be heard, understood, accepted. I am not sure any of those things happened, out side of me. But, this I know for sure– freedom came when I accepted one simple fact, something I had always secretly known… I really don’t care.

If you’re going to follow your calling as a lightworker, you will annoy as many people as you attract. You will spend lots of time hearing criticism, taking on egos and having compassion for people that don’t necessarily deserve it. And, you will do it with a smile. Yes, a smile, because the truth is– if your presence can cause such an uproar to the status quo, to the non-thinking, non-feeling people that share the same space as you– you’re fulfilling your promise to facilitate change, healing, and the empowering of the individual.

The world on so many levels looks like complete and utter chaos. People are fighting over the same things they’ve always fought about. The planet rebels against the demands of the human species, and the collective mind, is beginning to purge itself of lies, deceptions and things done in the dark, without the consent of the whole. But, what I see is my light, the light of those before me going back for eons– finally coming into plain view. What I see is the collective shifting from a coma-like slumber, into consciousness, and being force to be aware of the choices before us. No longer can one make choices unaware, and then pretending they did not, or that those choices have no consequence. The consequences are coming faster than ever. They are manifesting so quickly behind the choices, that we can no longer fool ourselves into believing we didn’t make said choice in the first place. The role of victim is quickly diminishing as we continue to bear witness as to how our individual choices become a mass collective, and then how the mass collective affects us all. You are part of the world, therefore you cannot escape the transformation the world is going through.

At this juncture, I speak when compelled to do so. I argue less. It’s not about winning an argument, nor defending myself against attacks on my character. Truly, who can tell me about being me, when they’ve never done it? Who can tell me about my life’s experiences, when they cannot take responsibility for their own? Who can speak with intelligence about people and experiences that they’ve only seen from afar? If you want to have an informed opinion about anything here on terra Earth, the only way to do so is to ENGAGE IN IT. If you’d rather not engage, ask questions, question yourself, your belief system… If you’d rather not do the work of knowing your own divine spark, surely you cannot think you have words of knowledge or wisdom to speak with?? What you have is speculation… nothing more.

I am more inspired than I’ve ever been. I’m watching more and more souls remember their importance, their relevance, their voices and all the power that comes with being part of all there is. It’s quite easy to get lost in the chaos of healing, nor be able to recognize it because for some change is considered a bad thing. But, for those of us who came for change, who were born to bring more light, who look forward to the inevitable transformation of us all… This CHAOS is food for the soul. It is the break in darkness that we’ve worked so hard for. It is the widening crack in the façade of what was, leaking with a steady flow of what will be. It has not been an easy road– not that I ever expected that, but, it has been a nothing short of a blessing giving birth to even sweeter blessings and my cup runneth over. Ever forward… And, so it is.


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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