Dear Lightworker,

I have decided to offer my services in a very specific way to you, my family of light. After much discussion with my own spiritual “crew”, not to mention being approached by lightworkers looking for guidance, it became apparent sometimes the guides require guidance.

Even the lighthouse is anchored by the earth.

The ascension process is filled with transition and transformations. Each one seemingly asking for more than the one just completed. It can be maddening, upsetting, disruptive, and yes, sometimes downright scary! On twitter, I’ve often said, “Keep going!” And, that is what is required if you are to embody the unspeakably divine being you truly are. In order to complete this transformation, you will be asked to return everything you thought you were to the void, so that you can be born anew–not just for yourself, but, everyone you encounter along your journey.

Symptoms of transformation:

  • Feeling out of place in places you have felt comfortable in the past
  • Feeling detached from everyone and everything.
  • Emotions all over the place, seemingly dragging you with them.
  • Looking at the world and just not “getting” it anymore.
  • None of your approaches to life work anymore–like something is broken.
  • Aggitated by the status quo–it just doesn’t fit who you are.
  • Feeling the call to “do something”, but, not knowing what that is or means.

These are just a few things that I’ve been through on my own journey, and if I can share with you how I worked and continue to work through these things–I’m at your service. It’s a wonderful ride…truly it is… but, it can also be rough on a soul who has no map. I’m no GPS, but, I can tell you what guide post to look for. 😉

For more information my service page:

Looking forward to watching lightworkers shine that much brighter.

Love Peace Happiness N One,



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  • I am an empth lightworker good human but drained to the marrow.mediating helping compromise now i need my Iinnate abilities to help me so i can uplift others to.i have sstrength but how much can 1 bend.sincerely i need a wise genuine assistant mentor .Angelique .much ablidged

    • Learn how to close your chakra system so you aren’t leaking energies. Second– learn to discern between your energies and that of others… If it’s not yours, do not absorb it– send it back.

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