Even though I fell in the floor when Barack Obama won the Presidency, I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel the need to cry, I just smiled…a lot. I shined… a lot. My personal frequency was vibrating at a high undetectable by the ear. And, has been all week.

See, here’s  the thing… I voted for the man, who’s ideals, who’s belief, who’s work ethic was most in alignment with mine. And, I, along with the majority of the country, if not the world, invested my personal energy into this man, who I am proud to have represent me and my country around the world.

We are living in a time of great change, of a great shift… And, this extraordinary being named Barack Obama is awake, is present, is in perfect alignment with where the current of acension is taking us as a world. He just “gets it.” From the elevation of how politics is done, to the empowerment of all people with the simple phrase of, “Yes we can!”

Lanuage–language in politics and business is rarely used to empower, to inspire, to be used as a means of good. But, when I learned of the names and phrases of this week’s inaugural events, I was validated in my own personal spiritual journey. At Sunday’s concert the center of the event was the phrase: “WE ARE ONE.” At the Kennedy center they had a program called: “MANIFEST: HOPE”, and for the children, “WE ARE THE FUTURE.”

I listened to our President’s inargual speech. And, then later on went back and read it online. And, I was so happy that Arriana Huffingtion, caught exactly what I did.  Check it. See, what the President was saying, is the same thing I’ve been saying in this blog from almost the beginning. Our president told us that things like honesty, integrity, and fair-play needed to once again be our core values. He said, that although we, as a country are young, that it’s time to put away childish things. He asked us to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Or, in the words of Arrianna Huffington, he asked us to “GROW UP.”

The validation of our President’s existence, is a blessing. The courage, and conviction he has shown, and, I feel will show is inspiring. The shameless adoration he has for his wife, and daughters is heart-melting. But, none these things made me cry.

What got me choked up, what made the tears flow freely was a segment on World News Tonight, with Charles Gibson. The segment was about the global reaction to Mr. Obama’s inauguration from children around the world. These children all wished for pretty much the same things. They asked for peace, they asked for the fighting to stop. And, one girl from Israel got to the very heart of the matter, when she said, “We’re all the same. No one is better than anyone else.” It’s as simple as that people. And, that simplicity, made every painful, annoying, scary, uncertain moment on this amazing spiritual journey that is my life, worth it. As my President said, the change has come, and those who don’t go with it, will find themselves on the wrong side of history.

I am validated. I am honored. I am blessed.

Love Peace Happiness N One,

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