My life, rocks…I know, I know, I say it all the time, but, it does. I am myself authentically, I make no apologies for it. That being said, I went on an interview yesterday, a second interview, for a 3 month maturnity leave gig. I didn’t get it. Why? Oh, my counselor said they thought I was too “agressive”. Hmm…should I be offended? Well, I would, except for the fact, that from what I saw from the company and the people I met, well, it made me want to yawn. With the level of energy I felt from that place, I’d might as well walk from my bed to a desk in their office. Either way, I wouldn’t need to be awake.

Good thing I just started a new gig today that is a temp-to-perm gig, with another one waiting in the wings…So, what was that about me being aggressive? Oh, you mean, I finish one assignment on a Thursday, interview for one on Friday, then have follow up interview  the following Monday, plus two more interviews that same day…Only to start a new gig 2 days later? Agressive??? You mean that? Sure, that’s me? Where’s the problem?

It’s amazing when you’re qualified to do something, how people attack your personality and think nothing of it. Makes me laugh. Was it volkswagen who said, “In life there are drivers and passengers”? You know, I don’t mind being a passenger, as long as I end up where I want to go. But, on the real? My personality?  My keys, my car, my journey–don’t get it twisted. And, I just love the scenery outside the window! Amazing!

When I get out of my bed to go somewhere, there needs to be a reason other than money…that doesn’t stimulate me. What does? Creating, learning, educating…I’m like a kid in a candy shop. And, I’m not losing that for anything or anyone. There are a lot of people who get out of their beds because that’s what their supposed to do, and they resent it. And, then there are people who refuse to get up at all, because they cannot find a reason to. I’m passionate about…everything. I create my reality, not someone else, especially someone who has no idea that they create their own! So, no, your definition of me, has nothing to do with me. Your labels, don’t stick to me, your opinons…more about you than me. And, it’s true of all of us. We’re so quick to label eachother, yet we still cannot figure ourselves out. Hehe…hilarious and ridculous all at the same time. Distractions, distractions…smoke in mirrors…

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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