For three weeks its been a silent torture–I’ve been dealing with what in my opinion, is the worst insect-infested season ever! It started with the arachnids in the mountains, and quickly moved to everything with multiple legs and teeth. These people (animals) are serious, they’ve got a job to do and they will stop at nothing to get it done. Their job: be born (assuming you survive all life stages), mate, find food, lay eggs and repeat, or, die depending on the bug. And, we will never, never stop them completely why?? Because this is life and life never, never stops! Got it?

Perhaps its my blood type, perhaps I have high CO2 levels, but, this much is true: there has never been a bug with teeth that didn’t bite me when given the chance. And, apparently, this year–there’s a lot of them. And,while I get the big picture, that all animals are important–when it comes to biting me (uninvited and without permission)–we’ve got a problem. You bite–I’ve gotta kill you. But, here’s the thing–they don’t care. Mosquitoes, fleas, noseeums–they have eyes. They know chances are, if caught–they are going to die. But, they bite anyway. They survive the various pesticide bombs, the netting, the zapping, the deep woods off, the citronella candles and the smoke–because why??? And, scientist are constantly having to develop new products, because these creatures of nature, will adapt to overcome the adversites that keep them from promoting the life of their species. They’ve got a job to do and nothing and no one will stop them! 

And, yet, we as humans with all of our thinking, and reasoning easily get caught in traps of our own making–this is how we keep ourselves from living. I’ve always thought thinking was overrated. When your thoughts control you, as opposed to you controlling your thoughts–you very easily can find yourself playing it safe, worrying about how the living of your life will affect others. And, when I say that, I don’t mean it in a selfish way. I mean living your life authentically. Perhaps you do not say what you mean because you don’t want to hurt some one’s feelings, but, then that makes you either dishonest, or deceptive doesn’t it? The mosquito that just bit me says it doesn’t care that I don’t want to share by blood–she has to lay eggs and that’s all there is to it! She didn’t ask my permission, she didn’t ask me if I’d be inconvenienced by her bite, followed by the itching–my thoughts are irrelevant to her. She’s just living her life for however long it is. She’s fully engaged, fully present, and is completely relentless–she will not be denied. –That is until I slap her into crumpled matter–“Hey lady, get off of me!”

My point is this: Much like the rest of nature you will have challenges in pursuing life. You will have people throwing roadblocks up to keep you from getting where you’d like to go. And, yes–yes, you will have pain. There will be other people buzzing their opinions, ideas, and advice in your ear to “help” you. But, you know what??? Live your life anyway! Make your mission to live bigger than any of  the adversities that will surely come. My “friends” the insects have anywhere from days to years to live–and, they don’t waste any of it. From the moment they are hatched is about a little larva making it to adulthood. And, to do that you have to avoid getting detected, crushed, eaten, burned, or poisoned. And, once you get through that–you’ve got to find some blood to feed on so that you can grow, and more to keep it going, and still more, to lay some eggs–this isn’t a half-ass effort at life–this is “all hands on deck”!

While I still plan to kill any mosquito, flea, noseeum,  tick, ant, or bed bug that mistakes my blood for a cocktail–I have to say, I have admiration for their determination to live.  And, as I continue to burn lavender oil, smudge,  and mist myself in deep-woods off–I  will think to myself, “Yes, my many-legged friend, you are determined to live. But, so am I, and if I’ve gotta pick one of us, I’m gonna pick me, so…this is where your life ends. We’d be cool, but, you bit me and I take offense to that!” 

So, as you’re battling all the hungry go-getter(s) of the insect kingdom this summer. Remember this: It’s not personal, it’s not business, it’s LIFE, and, while we all have a right to live our lives–some species take it a bit more seriously than others, as they do not have the luxury of  “thinking” about it too much. They live authentically–if only for a day. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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