So, are you having a good time? Are you? I am…

It occurred to me today, that my life is such a wonderful adventure. And, while I have many a soul to be thankful for my life be so great, the ultimate thanks goes to… me!

I have moments like now, and days like today where I get the chance to indulge in reflection. And, I look at where I’ve been, and how I got to this now moment. So, many decisions made, so many people met, so many goal reached, and… yet, I still look forward to more.

There are many people who don’t dream, who don’t pursue dreams, and who don’t go after the person they want to be. And, I watch them. It’s very surreal. People walk around approaching life from an id to ego point of view. They worry and fret about surviving so much that a lot of times they never truly experience living. Of course, I realize that in the global economy it’s pretty hard not to become obsessed with the basics. But, I would also argue, if the paranoia of not having anything, hadn’t grown into not having enough… I’m just saying the world may have been different.

I never dreamt of a McMansion, or, a loud, expensive car, or a slew of other things to make me feel important, worthy or special. My pursuit has always been…me. Who am I? What kind of life would I like for myself? And, where do I want to go? I can answer all of those questions now. But, I can also tell you that the answers expand and gain depth the more I choose to live my life, rather than exist in it. Life is a journey, if you choose it to be. It’s an adventure if you’re willing to walk an unknown path, or, better yet, carve a new one.

I know that people have a lot of fears. But, I also know that the more you hold onto fear, the more it robs you of growth. You cannot have both at the same time. It’s impossible. So, I’m really proud to be a soul that can experience fear, but, chooses to pursue growth anyway. It takes practice, but, like all things practiced, one day, no day in particular, everything clicks. I’m not saying I don’t experience fear, but, I am saying–it doesn’t stop me, and, I don’t allow it to dictate my choices.

So, truly…I hope you’re all having a great time of it. And, if not, I encourage you to choose life. Choose growth. Choose the adventure. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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