Well, I’ve been a way for a while. I went away for the weekend to celebrate my Uncle’s retirement in Springfield, MA. And, as a surprise, my extended family about 50 plus, came up from Jacksonville, NC to be with him. He had no idea.
The weekend put some stuff into perspective for me. On Saturday, before his party at his church, I was a slave to a deep frier in the back yard for about 4 hours! Honey, I was frying chicken! And, though it was hard, I didn’t complain because the truth is, I owed that and a lot more to my family. Being from a traditional southern black family, I cannot recall any family event when my aunts, mom and cousins didn’t cook the food and then turn around and serve it. So, frying chicken for a few hours seemed like nothing, nor did hours later serving that chicken to my family with my cousins. My cousin Tonya and I discussed what would happen if we, the youngins didn’t take up our duties of maintaining certain traditions in the family…and we agreed, they’d die. It’s also something my brother and I discussed with regard to our bi-annual family reunions and clan vacations. I attend the reunions, but, not the vacations. And, I’m going to do better about the vacations, because while we went to our hotel, our family at the other hotel sang karaoke all night! Boooo! I love singing–my whole family sings!  In my family, the tradition isn’t money, it’s love. And, there’s so much of it. We love because we’re family, we don’t have to agree on things. Such as, I spent the better part of Saturday night in church, listening to things I totally don’t agree to, adhere to, nor believe. But, rather than refusing to go, I could be happy for the good Christians that felt like they got something out of the terribly long-winded Preacher.
Upon return, my brother and I brought back my mommy. It’s taken quite the journey, but, my mom and I finally made it to being close. And, I love her, she’s totally adorable, cute, and so…ladylike. A total southern black woman. She is the reason I am a scary-girl/strong woman. And, I appreciate her as she does me, even if we don’t always agree. Which, oddly enough is rare these days. For all her conservativeness, my mom has the capacity to be very contemporary.
The insanity that currently surrounds me is lessened by this past weekend, and my strong spiritual beliefs. The lack of a gig last week, and thus far today, has forced me to once again realize, that regardless of where I work, if I’m working for someone else–it has a ticking clock attached to it. For, I was never born to work for anyone else–silly me, I pretend like I can. Second, I am more than the measurement of a pay check, others would have me believe different. And, that is one of the many, many things wrong with the world we live in. 
Yesterday, a friend called me in distress while my mom, brother and I drove back to NYC. And, I listened to him, talked a  bit, and promised to call him back when I got home. My mom and I had just got finished talking about how I spoke to my sister-by-way-of-older-brother last week, counseling her on something. I do that, for a lot of people and I think nothing of it. My mom said, “When are you going to set up office hourse and make money off of your counseling?” It was a half-joke, I’m sure. But, the truth is, I already have given this much thought. And, I plan to at some point in my life become a certified life coach. I do this all the time, without thought, worry, or pay. I do it because I like to see people empowered with their own ability to call the shots in their lives. So…yeah.
Even as I sit here, I don’t have any plans for tomorrow other than a consultation for my latest tattoo. And, what’s more, one of the supports in my bed just split and will need a replacement. And, there’s a certain Romanian out there, who’s probably slightly vexed with me. Yet, I’m good. It’s all good. I’m not sweating the small stuff. I don’t have time to. With this extra time, I rest and I work on Hot Pies & Tarts, LLC, and finally, I work on myself. This is time well spent, regardless of how it looks on the outside.
My family, the Washingtons started with a man George, a woman named Edith, 11 daughters, 9 sons, land and a lot of work. And, today, that family runs 300-500 deep, globally! Strong, strong people, so…even though I am not a gospel music person, I’ll quote the title of this song anyway… “I won’t complain.” It’s sooo good to be me, right now!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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