I don’t have to tell you that there are truly some unhappy people out there. And, for some reason these miserable people always want me to come to their self-pity party. Uh…no. No. No, thanks… and hllmuthafckingno! Hopefully, I never have to get to my final answer. But, I’m just not going to be miserable because you are. This annoys people. I know it does, and well…honestly, I don’t care. People selfishly think that their issues are the only ones that exists, that if they’re having a bad day, they should be able to dump their ick on you, so they can feel better. As some of my friends can tell you, I’m not a dumper of ick. If I’m having icky day, I usually get pretty quiet and disappear.

Yesterday, a particular co-worker overplayed her hand with me. She’s not a very happy person, quite shallow and self-involved. She has always resented the fact that I don’t accommodate her fragile ego, and will tell her so (nicely), to the point where she complained to my managers. Now, in a society that made sense, no one would care about the whinnings of a woman in her 40s, and maybe that was the case. But, today, I was told that my current temp assignment would be ending Friday. The reason, lack of work, or some crap like that. My reaction, “Oh…thank you! Thank you!” And, I proceeded to have an incredibly happy day, so, why was everyone around me increasingly dark, icky and down right mean? What did I say about give people what they want to see if they really want it?

Well, Ms, icky was physcially feeling icky, her cohort the miserable office manager, was confused and icky. And, one of my managers was feeling very, very icky because he got a promotion of sorts. If you call more responsiblities, with no extra pay and longer hours and never seeing your one-year old son a promotion. But, hey people I’m outta here Friday, why so glum? LOL

This morning at work I was about to get on a crowded elevator, when the woman in front of me backed out and started for another one that was empty. A man followed her, and I got on it too. We looked at eachother and the man says, “When one door closes, another one opens.” And, the woman says, “I’ve heard it differently. When one door closes, God opens a window.” And, I said, “Or, a skylight, a hidden hatch in the floor with a tunnel.Or, a back door. Whatever!” Have you ever had one of those moments when you knew a message was for you? That was my message today. So, when I got the news of my assignment ending, I said to myself, “Okay, that’s one door closing, I just need to wait for the other door to open.”  How does a door open? You take your butt to the door and try the knob– I made some phone calls. By the end of TODAY,  I had another job. Same bat time, same bat channel, just a few floors up from where I am now. Did I share my great news with my happy co-workers, who wished me ill? LOL Nope, I’m waiting til Friday. LOL The department I’ll be leaving will be one admin short, which means more work for Ms. Misery, her friend the office manager, and my cranky-pants, damn-i-have-to-work-more-for-my-outrageous-pay-boss.

Oh the mirror part? Simple, negative energy??? Don’t partake in it, be positive no matter what. The more positive you are, the more the person realizes how ugly their reflection is. They get more and more mean, icky, miserable. And, you get brighter, happier, and lighter. You know what I did after work today? Had Margaritas with Gene. It was planned before the news of the new job came. First, I was celebrating emancipation, then, a new gig! Good day people, a very good day.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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