So, we’re very close to the end of this year, and the beginning of 2012, in all it’s Hopi mysteriousness… I’ve felt the shifting for years at this point, but, these days it feels like the final push…

Lately, I’ve been in what I call “the neither zone.” This is the place I find myself when I’m in between what was, and what is to be. In this place, if you are unaware, it seems as if nothing is happening. It seems as if you might be doing nothing at all. But, that is not so. This is the place, the opportunity for you to watch the magic unfold. Where you watch what no longer works, leave, or at least asks you to release it. So, that what will be, what is to come– has room to manifest. Yes, in order to become, you must die a thousand deaths so to speak. And, when you refuse this part of growth… you are refusing growth itself.

Recently, I’ve watched as so many deceits, lies and deceptions, finally made their way to the surface–to light. The thing about being a liar is, your ultimate victim will always be you. No matter how long it takes, the truth will find its way to the surface of consciousness, and sometimes, its so loud, it’s so huge, its so in-your-face, that it may almost “seem” ugly. But, again…that isn’t so… When truth enters the consciousness, and it is embraced you can bet your ass… healing is holding its hand. They come together, they work together, they are partners. Truth brings healing… Lies bring hurt. You could argue with me, but, again… the proof is in the living. And, that cannot be disputed.

So, my life is about to “spiral up” again, in my ascension. And, while I wait for the latest manifestations, I’ve ushered out some energies to maintain my flight weight. Yes…I’ve been lied to, recently…and, the thing is… I cannot be lied to. My method is always to give people enough rope to hang themselves. And, sometimes even those who are swinging in the breeze for me, have no idea that they are doing so. But, when it happens… there’s no return. I go above and beyond… I provide wide berths… So, liar beware. I know the void that my absence causes, as it equals my presence… BIG. 😉

What many find “odd” about me is that I am myself, all the time, and I’m clear about it. Why is that strange? Because most people aren’t themselves all the time, and when they are, they are vague. People simply don’t want to be known, because they do not want to deal with the responsibilities of being “known”, because… not everyone will like you, approve of you, support you, cheer you on, wish you well, and yes, sometimes they actually do things to thwart your goals and aspirations. So…isn’t it easier to just not be known? Truthfully?? NO!  There’s a lot of pain in  being a contortionist. Meaning: When you find yourself twisiting, turning and stuffing yourself into a little box– the pain, the frustration, the lack of freedom is YOUR EXPEREINCE, and YOUR CHOICE. Sure, you may think you’re protecting yourself, but, hello… you’ve made yourself into a pretzel in a tiny box–how is that protective?! Even a turtle that retreats into its shell does so temporarily… Eventually it has to come out! And, so do you! I learned that lesson many moons ago, and I realize some have never learned it… Thus, I am STRANGE, and I LOVE IT! 😉

Physically, I live in the 3D world, with the rest of you, but, when you listen to me–when you hear how my mind works, how I express myself, and, you watch how I live my life–you know: I’m on another level. And, I am… I realize it’s disturbing for some, that I make them feel self-conscious, or uncomfortable. But, I also know its a result of them hiding from themselves, and has nothing to do with me. I AM a lightworker— I shine my signature light… So, if you feel a little bit more exposed around me, if you feel a little annoyed that the conversation can’t be a light-weight one… It’s not me… It’s YOU. I am being true to who I AM. And, that doesn’t require I help you to maintain any of the following: self-delusion,  denial, lie, insecurity, egotism, self-hatred, etc. I would not, and will not. But… I do offer your choices–of leaving me alone, of walking away…of just never dealing with me ever again. And, should you decide not to do any other the following, then you, on some level saying: “I want light in my life. I want to remember my own light. I want to be who I truly am.” You are ready to come out of the box. Hell, I’ve had people leave and then come back. One person in particular…I’m never going to get rid of! lmao… She knows who she is, and I love her for that. It means, she wants herself…all of herself to be known: first by her own-self, and then…the world! And, that is beautiful!

A life of “consciousness” asks for everything that doesn’t serve you. It means, letting go of people, things, and ways of being that are clouding your vision of who you truly are! By the way, love doesn’t do that. We are sooo ignorant of what love really is. Love wants you to be your true self. It doesn’t ask you to flicker, when you are meant to shine! It doesn’t ask you to become a pretzel, to fit into a box, or into someone else’s ideals of you! I don’t care who, or what you’re doing–there is no love, if there is a lie being told, or lived! (BOOM!)  Did you get that?! LOVE ISN’T SELFISH! Love is expansive… Love allows you room to grow into yourself, to search for your authentic self even if that means leaving… LOVE asks you to put your well-being, before that of others… Why is that? Simple: You are no one’s blessing, until you’ve been your own first. (OUCH! That fucking hurt, Monica!)

So, if you think its not going to go deeper…well, it is. The rabbit hole has no bottom–whoops they didn’t tell you that part, huh?! LOL! Yeah, me either…but, I’m still going down it! I LOVE MYSELF! I’m in love with myself. And, when you have this gift, this awareness…nothing, and no one can take it from you. You know you, and therefore cannot be defined by anyone else. So, little angels, lovely souls… Be here for you, love you, live you! And, do so no matter whose watching…Everyone, or, no one at all… Either way, when you’re doing you in light… The universe is a magically mystery that you just can’t get enough of!


Love Peace Happiness N One,



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