Ohh…I’m not dead. Not to worry, I’ve just been contemplating… a lot. And, well…being. For all of you who thought I never spent time being silent….Tada! I do! LOL
Energy has been heavy for some time now. There’s been terror plots squashed and lost souls so deseperate for love/freedom that they’re confessing to murders, they didn’t commit. We’ve got a sad case with a cyclist, who probably did dope up to win the tour de france Gosh…pain much?! And, I’ve been quiet with all of this…why? Something is a comin’ and we’ve got the preliminary ick to prove it. But, along with this ick, I’ve seen miracles. The renewed passion I have for my lingerie business, my awesome DMB island get away, or, my friends finding success in their lives and my own personal miracle that happened the other day (Can’t  go into detail, as I’m protecting the other members of this phenomenon). So, despite the heavy, there has been light. And, I still say, my life rocks! Where do you choose to put your focus?!
The summer is coming to a close and I’ve been smelling autumn’s entrance (funny, I have a poem called autumn’s entrance), so, I know it’s time for me to become disciplined about the gym, my work and my growth. Oh…that just means I’m going back on my schedule–as a workaholic, type A personality, I’m never really not working! LOL But, here’s the thing… the big 5 year anniversary (wtf?! Why does America celebrate death?!) of 9/11. And, I imagine something morbid and sinster is expected. Me? I’m getting my third tattoo on that day, and I’m going to meditate on light, not darkness. Thoughts are important–realities are created with our thoughts, therefore, I will not allow fear to rule me on that day, or any for that matter. I’ll focus on light, positive energy and enjoying life. The good news is, that even with this heaviness in the air, we can expect a positive change no matter what. It’s like growth, pain is what we experience right before we grow. Before a child is born some lady’s belly is swollen to capacity, to the point where life is brought forth. Life…people, not death! As Red says in Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy livining, or, get busy dying!” I choose life.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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