On the way into work today, my crew and I were talking about my most recent energy upgrade. It happened last Sunday while I was on my annual trip to Blue Mountain Lake, in upstate NY. This was my fourth year, and while I have spent many hours enjoying the silence of this place, the nature, water, birds and trees, I had almost no interaction with spirit. I kind of like this area for that very reason. But, this trip was different.

As I was sitting in the silence of my cabin with my eyes closed, I was gently interrupted by a disturbance in my energy field. I opened my eyes, because I knew I was being visited. After many years of this experience, I’ve come to accept that if spirit interrupts me, it’s because I’m in the perfect place, mindset and vibration to be spoken to. I switched my sight to my third eye and looked in front of myself. There before me stood six Native American spirits. I was in such shock, six is a lot. And, though I knew the area had been that of the first nation, no one had ever tried to speak to me before. So, to have six, I knew something big was about to happen. I consciously expanded myself so I could tune in better, closed my (actual) eyes again, and amplified my hearing. The message was one of welcome. I was being formally welcomed by the native spirits who still live in the area. They welcomed me and my energy to their home, recognizing who I am now ( I am a descendant of First Nation people on my maternal side), and who I have been in past lives. I was then presented with two feathers: The first was an eagle feather, the second a raven feather. If you do not know the significance of these gifts, I urge you to do your research in Native American spirituality. I was humbled by this experience, and offered my light in exchange. And, it was accepted. Secondly, a wolf spirit visited me. Again, most humbling. Wolf Medicine is that of  guidance. But, for me, it means a bit more as in my life as a first Medicine Woman of the Lakota, I had a pet wolf, it was friend, protector and guide. I dreamt of myself as her a thousand times before it was confirmed for me by a psychic more than 10 years ago. So, this was no ordinary Wolf spirit. It was the spirit of my Wolf letting me know he was with me.

As if these two encounters weren’t enough, I immediately became aware of St. Germain, Kuthumi, Arch Angel Zadeikel, Holy Amethyst, Kwan Yin,  The Mother Mary, and The Magdalene. All of them bringing me energy, to help me expand and upgrade. The energies, if you can imagine, were the most beautiful series of violets, purples, magentas, pinks and white than you can image. All, of them coming to me in beautiful waves, washing over my aura like waves covering the shore. Having been through many upgrades, I knew exactly what to do– breathe, allow, open up my chakra system and accept as much energy as I could. It was a lot mind you, so then, I realized… I needed to consciously expand my ability to hold energy. How did I do this? I simply said to myself… “Expand”. And, I did… hahaha… We make things a lot more complicated than they need to be due to our instilled fear of greatness. But, I am no longer afraid to be great–it’s why I came here in the first place. In my expansion, I decided I would expand myself as far as my imagination could take me. Which in my case is beyond the atmosphere of earth, into space, through the universe all the way back to source. I consciously, let the entire universe known and unknown, know that I am here, I am that I am, and I am aware of it. The response: Yes– we know you, and we know who you are. Once this was completed, I returned to myself only to be met with one final visitor: Anubis, the Egyptian God of transformation. He was there, standing to my left, making me aware that I had just had a transition, and transformation. Who I had been prior to this event was gone, and I was now someone new.

Why did I take the time to tell you all of this?? It is simple: We all upgrade. It is the way of life on this planet. Whether you know it or not, you will change. You will be called upon, asked, encouraged, and in worse case scenario shoved into upgrading yourself. The upgrade in your consciousness is the beginning of the upgrades in every aspect of your life. It starts in the ether, then within your personal energy field and then is manifested in your life. On my walk to work this morning, my crew let me know that the upgrade I had last week ago is ready to start manifesting in my life. I expect it will show itself in my work, how I chose to dress, how address the world, my conversations, and my relationships. In this, I am no different than you. This is the process, this is how it goes. Change begins with energy coming to us, and our responding to it. To be aware of this natural process helps to ease the demands on ourselves to meet these changes with as much grace, patience, and acceptance as we can. Resistance doesn’t stop the process, it may slow it down, it may create dis-ease in a myriad of ways, but, it doesn’t stop it… ever. So, it’s not a matter of people not ever changing– that is a fallacy. They are changing, whether they like it or not. And, why is that you ask? Where is the change coming from? I’ll tell you–it’s coming from the source of all, it’s coming from the Alpha / Omega. It’s coming from all there is. Change is inevitable, it is natural, it is life itself.

Welcome change, because, let’s face it– It’s coming anyway. Upgrade and be great–that’s why you’re here.


Love Peace Happiness N One,



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  • Hey Monica I LOOOVED your experience! that was super cool! What an awesome upgrade! 🙂 I write because I relate to SO many of the things/feelings you share here :)!
    I call them upgrades too and I can feel them and I just breathe deep and allow them to happen.
    On one ocassion I was also presented with an eagle feather and I did some research and I know it is of great significance but would love if you have a link with a more detailed explanation if you could pls share… would love to learn a bit more…just the mind wondering 😉
    I have a black raven and a wolf as my totems 🙂 ..so it was interesting to read that you were presented with a black raven feather as wel and that you also have a connection with the wolfs!

    And well..St Germain, Kuthumi, Kwan Yin, Magdalene, and Mother Mary..they are very very dear to me 🙂 and at some point they have helped me integrate energies as well…
    Anyways to have all of that happen to you in just one upgrade that is SO WOOOW 🙂 love it!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! to Awesome/magical upgrades! 🙂

  • Gigi,

    You are most welcome! Try this link regarding the symbolism of Eagles: http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/eagle-symbolism.html It’s just a starter point. But, a good one I think. Blessings to you on your journey and upgrades. 😉

  • Hello Monica,

    I am also feeling this connection with the Mother Mary, Quan yin, St.Germain, Kuthumi and Archangel Micheal.

    The invitation to move into a more expanded being and more conscious awareness of all that is.
    Much is changing and transforming.

    The breath and presence being the core to being in grace of all.

    Thank you for this lovely post,
    Simone Gabrielle

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