There’s this belief in palmistry that says if your fingers are naturally splade widely that you’re independent. And, if your pinky is significantly spread apart from the rest of your hand, you’re very independent from your family.
Okay…that’s me. I’m independent. I like to fly freely, birds and butterflies have nothing on me. I don’t do boxes, labels, definitions, rules, regulations. And, the only laws that really mean anything to me are universal laws.
I’ve never been nice about people trying to get me to do what they want. I’ve never been nice about people trying to label me, put me in a box, or trying to make me do ANYTHING that goes against who I am. But, now…now… I’ve HAD IT! I don’t know who these people think they are. I don’t know what delusional deminision they exist in, and what’s more??? I don’t care! Just leave me alone!
There is nothing nowhere that says, I have to be who you want. –That I have to behave in a way that makes you comfortable, or that I have to placate whatever psychological, emotional, or mental disorder you might have. Your AFFLICTION isn’t mine! Here–take it, and stop trying to spread that virus around. I am not miserable! I am not ill. I am not issue-ridden, I am not afflicted, I am not…YOU! And, yes, in the spirit of oneness, I am an aspect of you, but, I’m also myself–and I am myself, FIRST! And, I don’t want whatever that it is you suffer from. And, I don’t have to suffer from it, either. I will DO what I want, when I want, and if you don’t like it… I DON’T CARE! I do not answer to any of you people, do you get that??? I am not going to ask you to answer to me either. It really pisses people off that I won’t play the manipulation game. It angers them that I can take it, or, leave it. I just don’t have the time, patience, or interest anymore for the stupid, energy-consuming, pointless games people play with eachother. Some of us, really do have other shit to do! Some of us, understand that it’s not about whinning, wallowing, or feeling sorry for ourselves! Some of us know that life is an adventure trip for however long we’re here.
I’ve said it before, things are changing, people are changing. While some are awakening to a new form of consciousness, others are fighting like hell to stay asleep. And, then you have those that go around attacking the rebels, trailblazers, or lightworker, who’ll answer most vehemently, “Before I’ll be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave!!!!” Meaning: I may not know where I’m going, but, I’m getting the hell up outta here! And, to be sure, I DO know where I’m going. I’m going forward, up, into expansion. I don’t need to know the details, they aren’t required. What is required is courage. I dare anyone to stand between me and my spiritual goals. Go ahead… TEST ME! But, know this– you won’t be the first, nor the last. There is NOTHING anyone can say or do to me that will keep me from moving forward. The only one who can stop me–is me. And, she knows better!
So, listen here dark ones, understand me, low-vibrating entities… I shine bright. I understand that compassion and enabling aren’t the same thing. I can feel your pain, and still cut you with truth. I can even experience pain, and move through it. I am not the pain, pain is there to teach me a lesson. And, when I have learned the lesson, the pain will no longer be necessary. Get it???
I often laugh at how people view the angels… do some research on the Arc… Michael is a warrior angel. Did you know that??? Uriel brings “fire”. Don’t get it twisted you’re not always gonna get hyms and hugs. Sometimes  you gotta virtually smack someone up to let em know that you really do love them–and, yes, telling the truth sometimes means that. You have to be able defend who you are, when being attacked for living your truth. Understand me, this is not a joke and I’m not going to be anyone’s victim. Recognize!
And, I say this with all of me…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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