I’ll be honest…most of the time, I do not think about whether or not I’ll be remembered by anyone. But, apparently, I make an impression. In fact, I’ve heard repeatedly that I have somehow implanted a piece of myself into the minds of others aka “the Monica-voice”. No, I’m not making this up! This impression is something I’ve been largely unaware of for most of my life. My biggest thing has always been to be myself in the best way to possible, to expresss my thoughts and feelings as an artist. It wasn’t until I grew older that I realize, everyone is an artist, your canvas, stage, recording studio, blank page, etc… is your life. Therefore, every instant of your life is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Hmm…I guess everyone doesn’t think like this, but, not everyone is living either. Are they?
So, as of late, there’s been quite a few occurences of people from the far reaches of my past coming back to me. I find this odd and interesting, and believe it or not, in all cases I welcome it. Maybe there was issues unresolved, or things left unsaid, I don’t know, as it probably wasn’t me. I’m not in the habit of leaving things unsaid. But, in any case, what surprises me most, is that people say they’ve wondered about me over the years. How sweet! That’s really awesome! It just never occurs to me that people would wonder about me who aren’t related to me, you know? But, I apparently leave people wondering. LOL Yeah, join the club… I wonder about me all the time! LOL And, I’ll tell you something, I like not knowing my entire furture. I like being able to count on the fact, that I will not be the same person I knew…yesterday. Okay, yes…somethings aren’t going anywhere, such as: my honesty, my lack of apology for being myself, my being opinonated and the fact that I will tell you about yourself (although the style has become a lot more refined), should it become necessary. Funny thing is, the more I live, the more I realize, that everything I’ve done or been in the past has brought me up to now. And, I have to tell you something… NOW really rocks! And, nope, nothing extraordinary is happening, I’m just breathing, writing my blog and…yeah, being me. Way to leave an impression, huh? ; ) As always, life is good, my complaints…I don’t have any real ones. Just having a great time…
Love, Peace, Happiness N One,

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