Often…too often we use words to replace anxiety, we use them to scream to the top our lungs for help, even if we’re not willing to accept it. And, my particular pet peeve is feigned wisdom, when the wisdom is in the silence of observation. Meaning: my people, the wise ones, the radiant ones, sometimes…we need to shut the fuck up! Hahahahaha!!!! Harsh wasn’t it? Yes, I am aware. And, I’m saying it in that fashion for two reasons. 1. I really mean it that bluntly. 2. It is that serious.

Let’s be real, if you are a wise person, if you are an aware soul, then you understand the process of consciousness. The process goes as follows…the wisdom is all around us, all the time, every day, everywhere. It is never silent…but, but…BUT, that doesn’t mean we are in the correct alignment to receive this wisdom. Being human makes gleaning wisdom sometimes challenging. And, let us not forget that true wisdom is oftentimes LIVED prior to being KNOWN. And, another person’s wisdom isn’t yours…can we please get everyone to understand that? If you’re quoting someone else–that isn’t YOUR thought, it isn’t YOUR wisdom. It is a catalyst to provoke thought, so that you might discover your own wisdom. Please, please…I implore you…learn the difference. It will cause you less confusion in your journey. Your wisdom will come, and therefore, while you can observe, appreciate and encourage it in others…it’s your own masterhood that you are after, so, wearing someone else’s wisdom will NEVER TRULY fit you.  Get that? Never, ever, ever… You will be nothing more than a student emulating the master, rather than putting yourself on the road to growing the master within.

It may surprise you that I do spend a lot of time NOT talking. Yes…I’ll pause for what I’m sure will be your shock and possbile laughter. 🙂  But, it is true. For example, I only blog when I have something to say. I make heavy decisions after many hours, sometimes days, or weeks of rumination, of waiting for the alignment. I got to this place by realizing that things cannot and should not always be rushed. Alignment is critical if you want the smoothest potentials to be those you manifest. You are a creator, but, you are a creator working with other creators, and the ultimate creator–get it? You are collaborating, all the time. And, when you spend time watching, waiting, and preparing, when the “stars align” so to speak, you’re ready to add your own signature magic, to manifest whatever it is you mean to create–whether it be an idea, a product, or an experience.

Another thing to watch out for is spiritual arrogance. Being a wise-one, is a job that requires constant humility, modesty, grace, discipline and commitment, all the while knowing you are God also, you are divine, you are love and light beyond words. It’s a balancing act. — There are a lot of spiritual people who seemingly scream how much they know to the top of their lungs. And, the proof, as I’ve said many times, is in the LIVING of your wisdom. Think of all the masters that have come before, the Buddha, the Christ, MLK, Ghandhi, His Holiness the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa… these people lived their wisdom, more often than it was recorded. When no one is watching, are you still doing what is right in your divine mind, heart and soul? Are you taking each choice as it comes to you and choosing the one that continues the journey to ascension? In order to do so, you must find, befriend and fall in love with silence. You must listen more than you speak… those two ears aren’t for nothing, you know?!

A dear friend and love of mine, has observed recently, that I am often misunderstood. It bothers him, and he does his part in explaining his understanding of me to others. But, the truth is…I’ve always been misunderstood from the moment I could speak. And, you know what?? I’m okay with it. 🙂 My intent is always centered around spirituality. Its not some fashion trend I’m trying on, it’s not the latest greatest gadget I bought…it’s who I AM. Every aspect of my life, of my existence is lived from my spiritual core. This is the choice I made and continue to make. Doing so brings me an ability to see things deeply, and I react to things from this place. People like to have surface conversations, discussions and debates…and, my response will always be to address the root-cause. Let’s not talk about the weeds of problems, let’s address the seeds that got us here. That is where the misunderstanding takes place. I don’t listen to complaints, I resolve issues. If you aren’t into resolving issues… there’s not need to misunderstand me, but, there may be no need to speak to me either, because I’m never going to be comfortable with talking about problems, and issues, but, never solving them. It’s a waste of energy that could be used elsewhere. That fact about myself is one of the things that makes people uncomfortable with me. It’s what makes me a hard-ass, in some people’s eyes. But, I look at it this way, I cannot be seen, if you cannot see yourself first. Because the root of all of our problems is… OURSELVES. So, here I am–this annoying, bright, loving, loud presence who says to you, “You do know this is a result of your choices, right? How will you make it better? What will you do?”  I know that when I speak, I’ll “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune…”, but, hey…every lightworker knows this, its a job hazard, if you will. But, hey, having a few people think  me “difficult” does nothing to dim the blessing that is my entire life experience. It’s like trying to hear whispers duirng a concert: “Sorry, my favorite band is playing my favorite song. I’m dancing my ass off and I just don’t hear a word you’re saying!” LMAO… When I choose to speak, trust me when I tell you, I’ve looked at all the angles, and then looked to my own I AM, and we’ve decided…”I’m going in!” Why? Because that is what light does! It is never deterred when met with the minor threats of disdain, criticism, or even hatred… Light shines…NO MATTER WHAT!

So, lightworker, divine souls… allow the process to run its course. Do not allow the emotions of human experience to drag your divinity along with it. STOP…BREATHE…quiet yourselves…wait…wait some more…and ALLOW your highest self to speak…align yourself behind it, and all your human aspects will follow suit. When this becomes your practice, when it becomes your reflex-reaction, then you realize…NO ONE is wiser than  you when it comes to YOU. I, and those like me, are nothing more than your cheerleaders imploring you to KEEP GOING! 🙂

Until the next go round… find a beautiful way to express and embrace your silence, and watch the magical shifts unfold in the most mundane parts of your life. It’s good out here… promise… now… Om it out!  lol!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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