I’ve had a lot of interesting things happen to me in the past week or so. And, I have to say no matter how much the silence speaks, or the visions I see when I close my eyes, I still get surprised.
It’s really hard for me to keep quiet about things that I know, or that I see when it involves people I care about. And, usually, I don’t. I’ll speak, and I’ll speak a lot–to the point where I’ve exhausted myself. But after a while, you’ve gotta stop talking, and let truth speak.
Life is one experience after another, based on choices that we make. It can be simple or complicated as a result of our choices. It can be exciting or boring…whatever you want. But, as we all have the ability to make these choices for ourselves, individuals tend to find out that things aren’t always logical, reasonable, and time is not linear. I, for one do not believe that life can be lived inside an intellectual cage. There aren’t any fool-proof formulas, and thank goodness. Because I for one, like surprises. And, my math skills aren’t my strongest point–so, good thing this isn’t a test! Heehee
So, in this past week as watched as lives convereged upon one another to reveal the things I saw coming, I did the wise thing and kept quiet! LOL… I bet you didnt’ know I could do that, did you? But, I did. There was no I told you so, or any gloating of any kind. When you see the people you care about start to not only see the truth of a situation, but, embrace it, the thing to do is remain silent. Despite what some people may think, it isn’t about being either right or wrong, but, experiencing the lesson and learning from it. I’m sure it’s written somewhere (probably many somewheres) that wisdom has no sound and need not be spoken, but, excercised. 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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