Okay…so, I’m relieved. I am out of a unhealthy situation with a particular someone, who is going to require a personal overhaul, before I can fathom speaking to them again.
I don’t know if anyone knows this or not, but, I read tarot. And, I did a reading for myself that was quite adamant that I need to drop the excess baggage so that I can maintain my flight weight. Meaning: All bullshit must go overboard. I would apologize to those people who will be leaving, but…there’s no apology necessary. Sometimes, you’ve just have to accept that your path isn’t going to mesh with everyone elses, that you aren’t heading in the same direction. Or, that one of you is walking while the other is standing still.
So, as we wave goodbye to those things, there’s a resurgence of myself from yester-year. Dude, White Oak H.S. is coming back to my life in full-force! People I’ve known since kindergarden and sixth grade are showing here on myspace and we’re connecting. It’s funny, I’ve been a New Yorker for 14yrs…(damn, where’d the time go), and still, there’s a huge part of me that’s sooo southern! Mind you, I couldn’t live there, but, I love NC to go to chill, laugh and do a whole lot of nothing! We were bored as hell when we were young, but, it gave us time to make some really good friends. So, that’s cool.
I don’t know that I’ve changed much since living in j’ville, my friends from home would say no. Still demanding? Check. Outspoken? Check. Ambitious? Check. Argumentative? Umm…I don’t know, but, I was voted most argumentative by my graduating class. So…maybe? Okay, so the change may not be obvious, but, yeah, I have…  a lot. I’m actually calmer, more confident and wiser. I live life, instead of dreaming of it. So, that’s huge.
Now, back to my flight weight. While there will be those who must leave because of their excessive weight (read: negativity), there are many who help me fly, and they’ve been there for a long time. That will not change, and hey, there’s more coming to continue this beautiful journey. I’m flying, soaring…and I’m not coming down. Ever!
Love, Peace, Happiness N One,

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