Believe it or not, I am low maintenance–for other people, not for myself. So, I get excited and happy when other people do things for me. And, it’s not the huge stuff like buying me things, it’s the small stuff–like passing on information either on my behalf or to me. Saying, “Thanks,” “I love you.” Things like that. Although big stuff is highly appreciated too. I remember once, I was leaving a job and they gave me a surprise going away party…and I bursted in tears (yeah–I’m a real sap sometimes)! It was honestly one of the more touching gestures in my life–the other, marriage proposal–we won’t talk about the amount of tissues I required!
I just think people forget that kindness, thoughtfulness, hugs and smiles are the ultimate in gift giving, because it means you’ve thought of the person. And, they mean something to you. I’m pretty generous with my smile and laugh, I tend to do both a lot! And, I’m constantly surprised by the amount of people who say my smile makes their day. Libras are contradictory creatures, so, while I know that I’m a total giggle-box, I’m also one of the most intense people I know. And, if I ever forget, people remind me. I don’t know how I manage to be intense and light-hearted at the same time, but, I do. Which is reason number one that guys find me scary–no, really, it’s true! But, I have to confess… I don’t care. I like being me, and can’t fake being a shrinking violet, unless of course it’s an acting gig. But, that’s much different.
Kindess, graciousness, and generosity of spirit–never goes out of style.
Love, Peace Happiness N One,

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