I just had the most amazing day… As I mentioned last night, today, was about being alone. And, so, I woke up at 5am (on purpose!) and took a 7am bus to the Shawagunk Mountains in the Catskills!

Once upon a time, when I was married, I discovered New Paltz, New York with my, then husband. We got married there, spent our first three days of marriage there and I totally fell in love with the place–not so much because of my marriage, but, because it reminds me of North Carolina so much! The first time I went there I felt at home, and everytime I refer to the area, I say, “I’m going home to my mountains!” LOL

So, today, I hiked alone in Minnewaska State Park, and it has about three trails to choose from. Ranging from a 2 mile hike around Lake Minnewaska to a 3.75 mile one way hike to Lake Awosing–then I kept going to the beach portion of the lake. I’d only been to Awosing once, with my ex and that was in 1998. So, I thought, it would be a good time to make new memories. So, today, alone, I hiked a total of 7 1/2 miles! LOL It was amazing! The day was gorgeous! The temperature, was mild and the wind was slightly breezy.

You know people say that silence is defening, but, I disagree. Today, I heard water, wind, animals and the movement of trees! I think I laughed most of the time on my hike. I meditated, wrote in my journal and truly enjoyed the time away and alone. Unfortunately, I did run into people a couple of times. But, I think when you’re alone, they figure you want to be that way, so they don’t bother you too much.

What I learned about me today is this… I love being in my own company as much if not more than other people. I will talk to almost anyone or thing–yes people I talked to butterflies, chipmunks, a hawk and a very agressive ant–who, unfortunately didn’t live to tell the tale of our encounter. And, yes… I hugged trees! Two, to be exact. What??? They were sad, some very stupid people felt it was necessary to leave their initials in the trees. So… I hugged them.

Okay, just in case any of you think I’m a hippy… Uh…yeah! Like, where have you been?! LOL In case any of you think it’s crazy that I talk to animals, well…then, you’re entitled to think whatever you like–I’ll let you know now that– that assesment has no bearing on how I feel about myself.

Last thing I learned about myself is that…I’m actually starting to groove in my own groove of my life. It feels good to be me, right here, right now. There’s no one else I’d want to trade lives with, and no other experience I’d rather be having.

Up next, on the journey on the inside. Indulging my creative passions…Tribeca Film Festival…alone. Stay tuned… LOL

Love Peace Happiness N One,



For those wondering how much my body suffered on my hike. The answer is: a little sore, but, no blisters to speak of. 😉

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