Let me start by saying I’m tired! But, for all the right reasons. I went to yoga today and finished my day researching for Hot Pies & Tarts, LLC. And, I’m happy to say, we’re almost there. And…I’ve accepted the title of Producer in my friends film. Ay-yo, anybody wanna invest in a small film? Dude…we just need to raise 300K, holla! 🙂 When you’re trying to get art seen nothing is sacred! Heehee. If not the movie, how about a lingerie store? Looking for money baby… lemme know! Regardless, I’m birthing these babies, and  you can say you knew me when…   This is my hustle…sales, I make people look good, feel good, educate and enlighten. If you didn’t know why my first tattoo was of Sam-I-Am, now you do. If it weren’t for his positive persistence, homey would’ve never tried green eggs and ham, and would’ve missed out on a really great breakfast. Therefore, when we broaden our horizons, life just tastes better! Ya dig?
Any hooch… I love my life. My friend and Yoda* has sent me two stickers in recent times that quote J.R.R. Tolkein (for those of you who don’t read enough–he wrote The Hobbit, and The Lord of The Ring Trilogy), and the quote goes, “…Not all who wander are lost.” And, I believe that sums up my life experience at present. I’ve evolved as a Type A personality. It’s no longer about the destination, but, the journey itself. To quote my man Dr. Seuss again…”Oh, the places you’ll go!!!” Of course, I fully expect this journey to get better and better. I fully expect me to exceed my own expectations as a woman, artist, and creative thinker. Not because I am driven by fear of failure anymore, but, by the simple fact, that there’s still so much life to live, things to do and be and world to explore. I’m sooo excited!!! I hope you all are enjoying the changes of 2007 as much as I am. The key? Stay flexible and no matter what, resolve to enjoy the ride!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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