Okay, so, right, it’s true… I’m a workaholic.What?! It’s there a problem? Yes, no…okay…maybe. Only because I’m an artist and artist aren’t appreciated in this country. My writing peeps are still picketing trying to get the suits to come back to the negotiating table and treat them as human beings this time. Which apparently they remembered with regards to the directors (I’m friends with them too!). So, I rock heels, slacks and the occassional suit (and, yes, I do look hot while doing it!) on wallstreet to support my real life as an artist. I also look at it as spying on the enemy. If you understand what makes the opponent tick, then you can out manuever them. Don’t sleep on the hustler! Or, a miltary brat,! Oo-rah!
When was the last time I slept? I dunno… I don’t remember… Maybe last week. I should be searching for sleep now, but, so far… no luck. Tomorrow starts the rehearsal period for the reading, plus another day at the library for Hot Pies & Tarts, LLC. That’s my weekend…working on two things I’m passionate about, and I co-own both of them! So, no… I don’t NOT work. Pay attention, this is the anatomy of an overnight success people…working your ass off and not being a household name…YET! Meaning: there are no overnight successes, it’s like creating the perfect diamond you need three things: 1. Time 2. Pressure. 3. A catalyst to set it all off.
I’ll never understand how people can show up for a job they hate for years on end. In fact, I don’t understand why anyone would spend so much time and energy on anything they don’t want to. I mean, hello, the rest of us can tell you hate it, you’re not hiding it. Know what else? I’m compassionate to people who wait tables. I used to, and I actually liked it. Correction, I liked the customers, hated the managers. I feel for anyone who works at a movie theatre. Consessions is hell, popcorn is usually a day old and for real, for real… movie theaters are dirty as hell! People pack your purrell! Oh, and that goes the same for radio city music hall. Yes, I worked there too! Okay…all theatres, but, I’m a softee when it comes to live theatre… I mean, I did pay NYU a ridiculous amount of money to role around on the floor for four years. And…um… I’d do it again! In fact, I’m pretty sure, I knowingly, happily and rightly lost almost all my inhibitions there. Okay, and at that nudity thing in the desert with my ex-husband! Okay, and Coyote Ugly… Um…the sex museum… The physical tour of an office building with that romanian guy… Although that took a while, the building had like what, eighteen floors?!  LMAO! … The point of the matter is, I’m almost completely uninhibited. Which is why, I’m not like most of you! I’m just not normal, but, ew…why would I want to be that? But, if it works for you—do it. 😉
So, nope, I won’t ever have just one job in all its glorious monotony. I’d rather pick my nose (and um I have chronic acute sinusitis, so… don’t think I don’t really mean that! LOL )! I’ll always be either writing, performing, producing, etc. while cruising lingerie trade shows, sephora, or some makeup counter for Hot Pies & Tarts, which will eventually be a chain. And, if I can’t do any of that I’m relaxing, while in my mind…working on the next idea. And, yes…I may just tell you all about it as I’m doing it, but, usually after the wheels are already in motion. Tired yet??? LOL Me too, but, damn am I having an amazing time! So, those of you who know I love you, but, don’t get to see on the regular, who I don’t talk to nearly enough… you know why… I’m working!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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