Oh, but, before you try an stop me, I’m only going to get more difficult  as I walk down this path… 
So, please be my guest…. Feel free to stay or leave. You can go, or you can flow…and neither will slow my sway.
I’ve never been the good-girl, the do-as-she’s-told-girl, the one-you-can-get-over girl. Nah…that’s not me.
I was always the sassy one, the ballsy one, the questioning one, the always thinking one. Nope, they don’t make many like me.
Oh, now, many have tried to make me weaker, a soft-speaker, cow-tower, with no power, but, seriously… kill me first.
If who I was isn’t good enough, surly, who I am and will be isn’t going to be much better. Good thing I don’t care what you think.
When the hurricane stopped spinning, the forest stopped burning, the mountains stopped shaking, and the tidel waves receded, there was nothing and no one left… But, me.
I’ve died so many times in my 33 and third years, that I barely remember the sadness, the tears, the fears of living, of succeding, of…being!
When you raise your head, your heart, your light…all that’s dark falls away. So, all that wronged me, take heart… I don’t remember the deed, and I barely remember you.
I AM all that I need. And, all that I want finds me, with the opening of my hand. The hours of dispair fell from my mind, when light reminded loneliness that it did not exist.
 There is no “need” in love. –Need is a cage, this bird has far outgrown. And, love has no price. On the contrary, love must be lived, shared and embodied.
As I walk away from what was me, or, who you thought I might be…  In my wink an offering of happiness. In my smile, a wish for love. And, at my back… all the fears of the unknown. Namaste.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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