Whew…tired, tired, and oh, um…tired. I’m tired from having a happy holiday for the past two days. It was really unexpected and good. From the Christmas Eve dinner party I attended, that we call “The dinner of misfits” to my Southern-Fried Christmas dinner at Chez Lillypad–I’m working on my french, the frenchmen’s accent is inspiring. –I knew I should’ve studied all four years in highshcool. LOL
Christmas Eve dinner was like being transported to Italy through food. The hostess was both gracious and classy with the all the guests and their um…extra personality traits. Let’s just say…I found it very amusing. There were so many courses, I’m not sure how much I ate, I just knew…it was a lot! I probably would remember if I hadn’t started with my rum-infested eggnog followed by the red wine. Didn’t matter…I loved it all.
Christmas Day was awesome…it started pretty quiet, with music, coffee and breakfast with the frenchmen. I said a few weeks ago, that all I wanted for Christmas is love from my peeps, and yeah, I sooo got it. There’s something wonderful about your phone ringing or beeping all day with well-wishes. My homecooked dinner was nothing short of nostalgic. I take great pride in my heritage as a black woman from the south, who answers to the clan-name Washington. So, the collard greens had to be banging, the fried chicken must make you want to lick your fingers, the mac and cheese must be dreamt about after consumption. And, most importantly, the sweet potato pie, must make me weep because it tastes just like my mama’s. –Thems the rules. Oh, one more thing..the lemonade really must taste like sugary water, with a hint of lemon in it!  Along with the frenchmen, my fellow southerner, JW (Mississip) joined us for dinner. And, in southern (black) tradition, he insisted that he must have one drumstick before the dinner was finished. He had it picked out already. And, when he said, “Baby, that’s some good chicken!” And, kissed me on the cheek, I beamed. And, seriously…the dinner was really good. And, I’m going to have mac and cheese for at least two more days, if anyone needs some! LOL… Four kinds of cheese! LOL Um…don’t ask about the pie…it’s not gonna make it til the end of the week, its too good.
In other news…I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m very much looking forward to the new year. I don’t do resolutions, so, that’s not it. It’s that I’m looking forward to implementing the life lessons learned in 2007. I’m happy with who I have made myself to be. And, it hasn’t always been easy, popular, or nice. But, that’s not what its all about, anyway. Being a leader, isn’t about needing the approval of others, but, needing the approval of yourself. It’s about seeing in yourself in the mirror and going, “Damn, I love being you! You rock!” Its about acting with class and dignity, even when people try an tear you down, both subtly and overtly. And, its about seting boundaries and sticking to them, no matter what. My friend Susan and I have this thing where we say, “We’re holding the line!” And, that means, we will continue to choose to live up to our own standards. Somedays…its a piece of cake. Other days you’re cursing at the top of your lungs, you look like hell, feel like it too, but, you hold the line. Why? Because it’s only a moment and they always pass. And, if you want the world to change, you gotta start with you. There really is no other way.
In this year, people have question my sanity, because I’ve smiled knowingly at them, while completely aware that they were trying to screw me. But, in the end, they bring about their own demise. Which is why I always smile in the beginning, I’ve danced to that song too many times. In this year (and a few prior), I’ve also been told I was wrong about deep connection I have with someone, simply because it irritates his own internal demons. Funny how when we aren’t comfortable with ourselves, we try an convince others that they are the ones who are off or in denial. Nah…proof is in the history, and the events therein. — And, I’ve become comfortable with being the oddest child my mother may have given birth to. LOL Someone has to do it, why not me? I’ve also really set boundaries as to what I will deal with and what I won’t. And, what amuses me is that I will deal with more now, than I ever have in my life. I developed a sense of humor  as to how silly, self-preserving, and irrational people can be. What still remains is my no-tolerance policy on being disrespectful, dishonest, dishonorable, manipulative and controlling. And, of course…no bullshit. Not only will those things remain in the new year, they will strengthen. I imagine soon enough you’ll be able to look me directly in the eye and know if I’m feeling, understanding or willing to go along with what’s being offered to me without uttering a word. I’m looking forward to that.  Party on…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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