I don’t know if I temporarily slipped into another dimension or what, but, on my way home today, I saw something I haven’t seen in a while—people being good to one another! It wasn’t just one good deed it was several in a row, had me feeling a little loopy there for a second, like…”Is it possible that this reality could be the one that exists on all planes?” If I told you that a world where all people can be kind to one another isn’t something I believe in, I’d be lying. I do think it’s possible and  that glimpse gave me the energy, the hope and the inspiration I need to keep on keeping on!
I assure you, to the naked eye these events would’ve been missed, but…I’m awake. First…I’m on the subway and when I say, “excuse me” with a smile… People smiled back and moved out of the way. There were no glares, no mean-mugging, and no attitudes. They just simply moved with a smile. Next… when going through the turnstyle to exit the subway, there was this guy in front of me holding a lot of bags, but, he stops short to let me exit first. Now, I’m seeing that these bags are heavy and there’s only so much time for him to get his stuff home before his arms give out so–“No, you go ahead.” As I backed up, I almost bumped into someone else and smiled and apologized–“It’s okay”, with a smile, said the girl behind me. And, just as I was walking up the stairs to leave the terminal… I see a lady help another complete stranger carry her baby stroller, complete with baby down the stairs. And, I thought…”Wow!!!! We’re getting there!”
 Now, maybe you’ve heard stories about Bushwick, Brooklyn, or NYC in general. Of course you have. And, I’m sure most of it isn’t positive. But, the media unfortunately sells more advertisment by fear-mongering and spreading gossip. People here, or anywhere for that matter, can be kind to one another, they can share a smile, a laugh, or a knowing look. Actually…people here fall in love on the subway. I did…but, I digress. So…yeah…life can appear to be harsh, a lot of people will even go as far to say “fucked up”, but… not always. When you aren’t caught up in the drama, the chaos, you’re open to see the potential for the greatness in all of us. And, that’s enough of a reason to keep going!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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