So, I’m home today, and I was watching The View, and one of the hot topics was about happiness, and apparently, somewhere its written that there’s a danger in being overly happy because it keeps us from success. I’m sorry, what?! First of all, there is no such thing as being too happy, assuming you’re really happy and not doing that “fake-ass” version, where you wear a happy mask to cover up for the true you, who just happens to be deeply miserable. And, if you are one of those overly happy people, you’re supposedly not ambitous, because you have nothing to strive for??? OMG…we’re in trouble people. Deep, serious, confusing, get-your-head-outta-your-ass, trouble! Okay, the message has been for as long as I can remember that the key to life is happiness, and now  you’re telling me I shouldn’t be too happy otherwise I won’t be successful?! (sigh…) And, this–this is why, I say all the time, you’d better define yourself for yourself, because everyone outside of you is telling you that what we’re all striving for–happiness, peace of mind, etc not only isn’t obtainable, but, shouldn’t be !!!! WTF?!
Don’t get me wrong, I love the view, I love the fact that different points of view are being aired, and discussed. It doesn’t matter to me that I don’t agree with everything being said, or that a lot of views come out of deep ignorance, stale belief systems, and just plain fear–but, that there is dialogue. That’s what’s important. In fact, with this very skewed, morbid, and in my opinon misguided view of happiness, a lot of people will be forced to make a decision as to whether or not they believe this version or ideaology of happiness. Seriously, are you gonna accept that your happiness isn’t ever going to be??? So, what are you living for? What’s the point? You’re never gonna get there! Ugh… If I didn’t know better about myself, I’d currently be working on a substance abuse problem. LOL…Its just sooo ridiculous!
Do I believe that you can be overly happy??? Hell no! I am happy, in my very, very core of myself, I am extremely happy. And, I earned every bit of it myself. Why??? Because I stopped letting other people tell me what it means to and for me. You don’t know what breathing means to me, and how it makes me happy. Or, a sunrise or sunset. No one can see the little jig my heart does when I’ve just seen a brilliant movie or play. Or, the way I swoon when my love lights up for me, just because we’re sharing the same space. It’s the small things for me. And, make no mistake, I’m a very ambitious woman. I start projects, and throw myself into them until I’m done. I love challenging myself in many different capacities. So…I don’t know what these people are talking about, with this notion that I cannot be overly happy because it’d make me some sort of a sloth of a person.
On the view, Barbara Walters spoke of H.H. the Dali Lama, who says that happiness is what we all are looking for. And, that is obtained by having compassion for people. And, here’s the thing, he’s actually walking his talk. The man has been in exile for almost two decades from his country, his people, and the place where his spirituality was birthed. He’s the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, living in India. And, yet, everytime you see him, he’s smiling and there’s laughter in his voice, and joy in his eyes. He spreads his message through public speaking, writing books, and living his mantra. So many people want what this man has got that a few years ago Central Park was filled with people just to hear him speak! And, that kind of thing happens to him repeatedly. Now, I’m not saying we don’t have moments of unhappiness, unrest, anger, resentment, blah, blah, blah… But, when you have happiness in your core, you’re able to “…get… that…dirt off your shoulder…”!
You can allow these people to tell you that your happiness isn’t possible, and you can believe them if you like. But, I DON’T and WON’T. I don’t share that point of view, and I’m not alone in my refusal to do so. We all know at least one person whose geniunely happy in their core. And, they aren’t faking it. They are enjoying the NOW of their lives. And, just because some of us, don’t choose to do the self-work it takes to have and grow our own, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…it just doesn’t exist for YOU. And, you aren’t all, you are a small, speck of all. Your perception isn’t the perception, its just your perception, your reality. And, damn, I’m sad for anyone who doesn’t choose happiness with their’s. This planet, its inhabitants, and ourselves–awesome, beyond words, beyond thought, beyond the idealogies of “great thinkers”, who are usually “sucky do-ers”. And, here they are telling you not to even bother trying to be happy, because there’s something wrong with it. Twisted…severely, twisted. You’d better be your own champion, as it looks like no one else is coming to save you from this muck of a society we’re in.  In the meantime…  
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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