Happy Thanksgiving… my little turkeys and geese… I love you all… But, the SunDeevah did a solo Thanksgiving and it has been rocking all day! I wanted to volunteer for the first half of the day, but, dude… all the places were filled. I was only mildy disappointed. Hope all those volunteers still care after the new year. Any way…
I know, I know, spending the holidays alone is supposed to be sad, right??? Like, I’m supposed to miss my family and sigh a lot about how I’m not in NC. Yeah, that would apply to me if I were… I don’t know… normal! LOL But, I’m sooo not. I dance to my own beat, who cares if I might be the only one who can hear it, the music is still bumping!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family, even with our quirks and quibbles. And, I love my peeps back home in NC…and you know this. But, seriously dude, my life is very full, very busy and my pace is almost break neck. So, when I get to stop, I relish it like fine wine, beautiful shoes, or a goregous sunset. I do chillling like most things I do…passionately.
Also, last night, I went to this new spot I discovered. A beautiful tapas bar, with a beautiful owner to go with it. What a cutie, and total player. No, no, Monica, do not touch that, even if he’s begging for it! LOL  A player knows a player, and I retired my jersey long ago. What??? You didn’t know I was a player once upon a time??? Yeah, I guess we weren’t that good a friends. But, some of you–you knew me when…LOL But, I was able to seal what I think is the begginings of a beautiful business relationship. I needed a spot for some corporate events and this dude needs business–it was a beautiful exchange. Once upon a time, I was in grad school, and I studied entertainment law. It was in that class that I came to realize that I’m a kick-ass negotiator. One would think that I would’ve figured that out when I first became a producer. But, I was too busy actually producing to notice.  Anyway, the key in negotiations is to be fair and not greedy. It’s important that everyone walks away feeling they got what they wanted. And, that’s who I am in real-life, so, I’m good at negotiating.
But, wait… Thanksgiving is about being thankful for stuff right? Nope. I haven’t missed the point. I’m thankful for my life, because it’s sooo cool. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful in it’s complexities, there’s so much passion, so many beautiful people whom I love and who love me. Dude…even my cats are gorgeous souls. I’m beyond blessed, beyond grateful. It just rocks to be here. So, last night, I sat with a girlfriend at the beautiful tapas spot, looking at the pretty men, drinking amazing wine, eating sinfully good food, looking and feeling good in a way that could only be called New York. And, all I had to do was be me– and I’m sooo good at that!
Today… I chill. I chill with my roasted game hen, with veggies and wine. I chill with my new age music, and loveable cats… I’m chilling and for that… I’m grateful. And, tomorrow??? Tomorrow, back to the grind, but, hey… I’m good at that too! ; )
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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