First of all… I want to thank all my loves who wished me a happy V-DAY. Man, I’m sooo freaking blessed by how many people love me! And, I want to wish my very own cupid aka my nephew aka CZAR a Happy Birthday! He’s been the best Valentine’s Day gift for the last 24years! Ahh… I just love him sooo much. Okay…enough of the gushing aunt. I want to talk about my most committed relationship.
Your smile makes me kinda light-headed…
Your eyes are my home, my sanctuary, where my peace begins.
In your understanding, tolerance and sense of humor… I find myself over and over again.
Your best is never denied me, your protection is where I’m most secure.
You’ve been there from the beginning of this journey, my partner, my friend.
Because you believe in me, love me, and work for and with me, there is NOTHING I cannot do… or, WOULDN’T do with or for you.
In my most lowest moments, in the darkest, blackest of days…you come to get me and show me light.
Lovers have come, gone, and who knows… may come again, but, you are always first. To you I’m married, before anyother.
And, though the packaging is inspiring, beautiful, and on occassions stunning… that isn’t what I love about you most.
If the black-hole sun came and swallowed us whole, I know we’d transform into something else, somewhere else….
If the sea grew swollen in anger and covered us in her tears, we’d adjust and continue to be.
You, me…we’re eternal, there is no one, and no thing that can deny, nor divide our love.
As others celebrate their love for another, I celebrate and cherish my love for you.
When the body grows flowers, and the mind fades, that is when we will truly soar.
You rock me, baby and roll with me sweetie, and make it all worth while… I’m so glad to be you!
So…happy Valentine’s Day everyone… I hope you’re loving yourself much more than you’re loving everyone else. Actually, if you don’t, you probably aren’t TRULY loving anyones else. Whoops…I just let out another secret…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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