It doesn’t matter much to me anymore… Any of it. It doesn’t. I’m far past the mundane things like what to wear, eat, where to go, what to do. I don’t care  about that much anymore. In fact, I find most of it quite uninteresting. I don’t care what your career is, where you live, how much you’re paid, or what accolades or awards bear your name. Sorry…again…I don’t care. I care about things like: “Are you happy with yourself?” “Do you love well and often?” “Do you spread love, like peanutbutter?” “Do you enjoy silence?” “Do you love being alone as much if not more than being with others?” Yeah…I care about the deep stuff. I care about souls. Souls interest me. Happy souls that love well, often and exist to share it with everything and everyone they meet. This is where my interests are. This is what I’m about.
I’m a lightworker, and energyworker, a mystic, a…oh…just fill in the blank. The bottom line is: everything I do, is in service. It’s taken me a long time to realize that all my creativity has been about helping people realize themselves on a soul level. It’s quite sad that most of us think that we are our minds, so, if you believe that–imagine what happens when you lose it??? LMAO… Welll, the good news is–you’re still there. The bad news–assuming you believe in such a thing, is–you come to realize, you never really knew yourself at all. I’d like to give a shout out to this Dr.  who came forth about her findings after having a stroke. She’s done quite the service for us all, much more than your average Dr. would do for you. Heehee…
The things that inspire me and make me glow are things like: A really geniune, hardcore…belly laugh! It could be mine or others. People say my belly laugh is more like a cackle… I don’t know for sure, because I’m too busy laughing to notice. The sound of my loved ones makes me happy. Yeah…just the sound of their voice just makes me glow! Now, being with my village, tribe or light crew??? Wowza…enough to power a few towns and villages! Hahaha! The beauty of my cats, nature…any sort of nature, man…I just… I– I just think this planet is amazing! It just never gets old, or mundane to me. Trees will always make me want to hug them, water will always make me stare in awe. And, mountains, will always leave me breathless… I could do this all day, but, you get the point. I think it’s kinda sad that when we think of love, it’s almost always of the romantic variety. I love tremendously! I love many people, things, sounds, sights, liquids, solids, smells, energieis, and potentials…. And, because I am very generous with love, I get it back in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. Wow…it’s been such the journey from being who I was to who I AM. My friends tell me all the time, how my energy is one that cannot be ignored. Meaning: even when I’m not physically there–I’m there. 😉 I had a reiki session once where I was sitting, and the practicioner–poor thing, she had to get on her tippy-tippy-toes to clean the top of my aura. And, um…that was back in 2002! LOL… I’m guessing someone may need a ladder at this point hahahaha! Yeah, I um…well…I take up space. LOL…
Even though in some ways, the world may seem bleak… I’m comforted by the fact that I have experienced and seen the dawning of the “New Earth” that Eckhardt Tolle was talking about–even thought I haven’t read it, I know what he’s talking about. Yeah…that is possible, and I’ll just leave it at that. I’m watching people realize that they aren’t their bodies, or their minds, but, something much, much more. And, that life isn’t an endless treadmill, and that wealth, power, awards, and yeah–even people cannot and do not make you happy. What makes you happy is… you! But, in order to find that you–you have to do a what’s call a “Soul-search”. Yes, I know you’ve heard of them before, but, do you know what it is? More importantly, have you done one? I can help you if you’d like… It starts with you, alone with a mirror and looking yourself in the eye…. That is the beginning. What happens after that… That’s all you. Sadly enough, most people cannot look themselves in the eyes… So…if you can do that without running away… You’re off to a good start. The Mirror excercise is something I’ve advised a few people to do. And, everyone who’s committed themselves to doing it for an exteneded period of time made the most important connection they ever will in their lives–the one with themselves. That is something you’ll never find at a job, or, in a paycheck, or another person. You won’t find you anywhere, but, within you! And, that’s what I’m interested in, that’s what I’m here to do–ignite the lights, and let ’em shine big and bright!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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