­Illusions of Separation

I will not go into this place with you
Where the bars are of fear, the air confused.
This cell is yours and yours alone.
–The place where your inner child makes his home.

I fly amongst the light of the stars
The sea–her love songs, is my heart.
This is where I live and what lives me.
This is my home and what I breathe.

Yes, I can hear you calling for me.
And, while I’m always here, it’s only separation you see.
“Goodbye” you say, again and again.
Though I could heal it–you are the cause of this pain.

“Come to me. Make it calm.” you say.
But, your fear is the adversary standing in the way.
“Come out, and laugh we me,” I beseech…
You get so close, yet, still out of reach.

We are, what we’re longing to be.
A change in your thought would make us free.
Until then, I’m here all around.
…And, you in your fortress, to your thoughts bound.

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