Okay, look, I’ve had it with the bashing of the spiritually aware. I’m sick of all the “eye-rolling”, the silent “disdain”, or the need to convert me, because I don’t believe in organized, socially accepted religion, nor atheism, for matter.

Today I was reading the NY Times and saw this article. I find it offensive. And, unfortunately, the comments were disabled so I couldn’t say anything. But, basically this woman moans, about how she doesn’t want to be mindful, speaks in a tone as if there’s something wrong with new age beliefs and mysticism. And, the fact that someone felt the need to publish this “opinion” annoys me even more. What’s the freaking ridicule about? She talks about how a those who are mindful somehow are alienating those who aren’t. Did she use the exact word, “alienate”, no…she said those who aren’t mindful feel left behind. I’m sorry lady, but, how is that my fault?! Why should I care that you enjoy screaming at people, being mean, taking your frustrations out on others, and living on automatic pilot?! Seriously…why should I give a fuck?! Your consequences are an exact reflection of your choices. Deal with it!

This is what you people who don’t get metaphyisics, mysticism, etc aren’t aware of. Just because we are practicing meditation, chanting, deep breathing, and mindfulness, doesn’t mean we won’t kick your ass! Anyone know what a Shaolin Monk is? Well, they are warrior monks! Native American Braves, were highly spiritual, yet, killed to protect there own. The AA Michael is always depicted carrying The Sword of Truth! The Goddess Kali wears a necklace of skulls, and skirt of limbs…  So, don’t be mistaken, we aren’t a weak group, nor soft, and not always non-violent.

Being mindful takes more discipline than most people utilize in their entire lives. And, anyone who’s meditated for more than 10 minutes realizes how hard it is to get your brain to STFU! Or, anyone who’s practiced a martial art, yoga, T’ai Chi, or any of the so-called “New Age” physical practices, understands it requires a lot of things that those who snicker at us lack! It requires: Mindfulness, discipline, integrity, honesty, truth, and self-elvaluation. And, we don’t flip it on and off like a light switch–this is OUR LIVES all day, everyday, forever! And, yet, these people who don’t “get it” feel so free to yammer on about how frivoulous, weak, airy, and silly it is!

You know, I used to be a Christian, but, I’m definately not anymore. And, that’s my choice. But, here’s the thing– I don’t snicker, roll my eyes, or laugh at Christians, Muslims, Jews, or even Atheist, when they tell me what they believe. –Although, I’m ready to file harassment charges against The Jehovah’s Witnesses who continue to violate my freewill, by ringing my doorbell on Saturdays, after I’ve repeatedly asked to be left alone.

Listen, your belief system is your own, and you must live the consequences of those beliefs, whatever they may be. If you want to believe in something that is generally accepted by society, fine–do as thou wilt. But, seriously…you all need to understand, that some of us just don’t feel comfortable in your groups. And, we deserve the same respect we afford you. I AM that I AM, and I will honor it in you, but, I won’t be your whipping boy, the punchline to your joke, or the object of your ridicule. I’m mindful enough to tell you where to go, how to get there, and which horse to ride! Namaste, people.

Love Peace Happiness N One,

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