So, like, I’m insane about my peeps! They know this, I’m shamelessly in love with all of them! So, how proud and amazed was I when I found out my friend Michael Doyle aka The Doyle, let me know he got accepted to law school! That fucking rocks! I’m not sure what kind of law yet, but, I know Doyle has very interesting views when it comes to government, politics and the like. So…I wouldn’t be suprised if it ended up being political of some sort. Who knows?
Heather’s going to get her PhD, not sure what in, but, I know she finished a semester recently, God bless her soul. And, some might know this or not. But, I did do a sememster in Grad School–I left when I figured out the progam, the school and the class weren’t for me. But, I have a sinking feeling, I’ll end up back in Grad school some day for something or other. I also got wait-listed a long time ago for Columbia Film School. Am I the only one who feels terminally ill when it comes to art? Like there is NO CURE FOR ME! Oh…who knows! I am a creature of many talents, and I’m just starting to figure out how they all work together. Good thing I like puzzles, because my life in the past has resembled one! Heehee…Oh and so he won’t kill me–Jorge is a acting coach/teacher/actor and now… directing his first film. Kick-ass Jorge-Luis, like you know you can!
The main event for me is my lingerie store with Gene, Hot Pies & Tarts, LLC. in case you didn’t know. It’s my baby, that I’m desperately trying to give birth to. And, she’s a doosey! If anyone (JD) wants to help me with  my business plan, specifically the financial plan, holla at me! Sometimes, I really don’t know how I function, because I’m not sure I came with an off-switch, so, I have to pull the plug from the wall all-together! I laugh, but, yikes! lol… Anyhoo, congrats to Doyle and all of my friends doing their thing and following their bliss! You’re an inspiration to me and I love you!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

Special shout-out to Manny, who’s getting his Master’s in Journalism. Now, someone else can read the ranting, besides the hundreds that read your blog! Oh, and the best part–when you get that gig as a writer, you’ll eat on the regular! ; )

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