It’s a very odd Sunday in the BK, the weather cannot decide if it’s going to be sunny, or stormy. Yeah…I know that feeling… LOL.. I’m both the SunDeevah and Storm. Perhaps Gaia is a libra?! LMAO.
Anyway, the idea of ‘making it work’ is really nagging at me today. Because the truth is, if you have to make something work, it won’t. It just won’t. Why? Because it’s so clear that when something you wanted to work, doesn’t…you’re either in the wrong place, or using the wrong approach. We humans make work for ourselves where there isn’t any. Its one of the mechanisms we use to prove we exist. Or, to validate our using force to get our own way. And, in the end… we don’t.
I used to be this way. I really was a person that believed I could make something work or happen. And, the truth is, I can. But…it’s not by force, its by allowing. Whatever is supposed to happen comes in signs, opportunities, and messages–whether they be people, books, songs, etc… If you let it, life will point out all the necessary directions to get you where you need to go. And, where is that? Where do you need to go? Foward. It’s always forward. We are constantly being asked to grow and get better. Why? Because life is happiness, and happiness means we have to thrive. Get it?
I simply am not, nor can I be, the planner of life that I used to be. It was too much stress. I spent most of my twenties, okay…most of my life before 30–planning my life. As opposed to living it. Type-A, no, I don’t get tired of saying it, because I’m currently finding the balance in it. 😉 I was not spontaneous enough, I didn’t listen to my instincts, or see the signs blinking in front of me. So, I would get my ass kicked by life repeatedly, and then try an claim I was a victim. Which of course I was… a victim, that is. I was a victim of my own stubborness, of my own fear, of my own blindess. It took a few years of very intense, at times painful work, but, I did “get it”, and I’m still in the midst of “getting it”. Afterall, life is a process.
I’m feeling a lot of compassion for those whom I love, in their fight to “make things work”. It’s a futile exercise, but, on second thought, perhaps not. I remember in my movement class back in college, our teacher said, it was her intention to get our muscles to the point of exhaustion, because after that point was “flow”. And, you know what? She was right. The most graceful approaches to life are the effortless ones. That is why I love T’ai Chi, and Yoga so much… Chi means life force, and it is flowing at all times. The key to T’ai Chi is to merge with the flow of the life force. The key to flexibility is to tune into your natural rhythm of breath, and that is what makes yoga so amazing.
People are so hard at work to try and make the broken aspects of their lives work, or, trying to force square pegs into round holes… That they are missing the happiness, and ease of life’s natural flow. Why force something to work that doesn’t, when you simply could turn your attention to what does? It’s true…we humans, we aren’t that smart after all. We always have to live by the “It’s all fun and games until someone get’s hurt” mentality. It’s quite silly, a total waste of energy, and it never get us “there”. Wherever “there” is. And, it always leaves us still unfulfilled, and wanting more. When more was the thing we completely ignored, because we refused to embrace the idea that yes…life can be easy!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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