I’m pretty sure that all my blogs will be about life. Honestly…what else is there to talk about? My friends, of which I have many…even though it doesn’t seem that way here, they know that I give a lot when I take on a new friend, lover…chia pet…okay…maybe the chia pet thing is a bit much. Some would say, I’m a hard ass, am I? I suppose, if not accepting bullshit from myself or anyone else is the definintion of a hardass…then, sure…why not?

I’ve had friendships since highschool and college that continue to amaze me in their growth. My friends are as much apart of me as my piercings and tattoos…I just cannot imagine life without them. It’s when I have to deal with newbies that trouble finds me. My newest friend, I acquired about a week ago. I’m glad to say, he’s in awesome shape for a person of his years. Actually, I have three guy friends and one…um friend with benefits that are all 26. And, everyone is doing well. Now…my faux beau, who is one of these darlings doesn’t think he’s doing well. But, he is. Life isn’t measured in financial success, or how many people kiss your ass. It’s about being present in your life. It’s about maturity and getting comfortable within your own skin…

Even though I’m tired, and I give a lot in…well…everything. I’m still happy with who I am and who I surround myself with. And, that’s probably more that what most can say. So, on with it…

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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