Sunday… I LOVE YOU!!!! LOL… Even though I’m slightly peeved that this sometimes annoying country stole an hour from me today, and for the next six months… I’m feeling good. It was a slow start to consciousness today…I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. Something crazy like 10hrs for the past few days, but, it’s definately helping me to shine a bit brighter!  I don’t think people realize all the things you can do in your sleep. When I was in college I took a dream journal class, and the idea was to draw inspiration for artistic subjects from your dreams. Degas, anyone? I’ve been known to dream about movie ideas, and also wake up with the lyrics to a song, not to mention the healing your body does while you’re sleeping.
Last night in the ‘hood (holla Bushwick/Ridgewood) it was mighty windy and raining like… woah! And, I did something I often like to do in these times. I did NOTHING! And, I did it in the dark. I was talking to my landlady the other day about the fact that I like to spend a lot of time in the dark contemplating. And, well…she looked at me like I was nuts. LOL Which, I am not. I just don’t fit into the generally accepted definiton of “normal”. Which has never been a personal goal for me. Anyway, last night, I just watched the trees blow in the dark from the couch looking out my window, and I listened to the rain and my windchimes sing me a rock song, or fifty! It was pretty cool. It’s amazing to me the things we can learn from nature if we only take notice.
 For example… last night was an all out arena rock concert, probably more like metal… But, today you would’ve never known! It was clear, it was cold, sunny and I took myself out had coffee and a very quiet breakfast. I love my hood so much, Bushwick/Ridgewood is such a nice mishmash of people. In my hole in the wall diner (holla taco la hacienda), I watched countless ethnicities walk past with their families, come in for coffee, or whatever American, Latin or a mixture of both–breakfast they were hungry for. I FREAKING LOVE THAT! And, yet, last night…mother nature owned this city. And, I respected that and kept my ass inside and sat in awe of her.
I’ve spent most of today in silence. Spoiler alert: I’m as introverted as I am extroverted! LOL! I know, you really thought you knew me! Hahaha!!!! Oh…you do, to a certain extent. Anyway…I’ve been recently coming to grips with a couple of things. The most important would be the concept of “easy”. I used to be anti-easy, but, the thing is… I’ve come to realize that we make things hard for ourselves simply to prove we exist and that we deserve something. And, seriously, that’s bullshit and our ego is in serious need of some reconstruction. As my good friend Adamus said, “There’s no bonus points for doing things hard way.” I mean, the results will still be the same. I should clarify that easy doesn’t mean cutting corners, it means that we don’t need make the lesson difficult in order to learn it. Which I’ve been absorbing for sometime, but, now, I choose to consciously allow myself to do things in-flow, in zen, and BE EASY! I can enjoy easy as much as hard, as easy will allow me more energy to get more stuff done. And, there’s A LOT I want to do. So, if you thought I was moving quickly before… Ohhhh have I got something for you. Two words: WARP. SPEED.  The key is to stay both centered and flexible. My friend Susan said it best today… You can move the big rock in your path, or you can walk around it!
Finally…along with contemplating in the dark, which I’m sure came from the fact that as a child I used to spend a lot of time in my closet in the dark thinking… (Privacy was hard to come by in our house). I also have this thing for Ice Cream in winter. First, I should say… I love ice cream. And, in the winter time, I get this craving for it, so today… I had gourmet ice cream… for lunch! LOL I know that most people think ice cream goes with summer. But, I think that’s very limiting in thought, not to mention….downright stiffling in terms of conformity. My tummy really doesn’t care about what season it is, when she wants her ice cream. So, yeah… I tried this new place where I had Cherry Vanilla (one of my favorites) with Black Seasme Seed! Yummy! I sat in the parlor, flipping through a fashion magazine, listening to my music and eating ice cream. Heavenly. All alone with myself and loving every second of it. I wish people would enjoy these kinds of things alone more. The rushing, the running, the planning, the doing… Man, I tell you… life on the grid, on the radar where everything is expected of you and defined for you is really becoming both boring and annoying! People stress about things that at the end of the day don’t really matter. They stress about people they cannot and should not control. And, they worry about stupid things like money, power, being liked, being in trend, and proving they exist to someone else. I think if you spent more time contemplating in the dark, light, at the beach, in the mountains, in bed… wherever you choose–If you spent more time viewing the world from the inside out, rather than the outside in… you’d understand, that there’s a whole other way of being. And, when experienced for just a second, that’s when you’d feel most alive! I felt whole, alive, present and there was no question I existed in the dark last night contemplating and communing with nature. And, today while wearing a scarf, hat, gloves and in the silence… My ice cream never tasted so good. Life, never tasted so good!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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