So, something like I have to blog about 16 random facts about myself and then tag people too??? Oh…okay, because obviously, I don’t talk enough! LMAO!
1. I’ve been able to hear my Spirit Guide since I was 5 years old. No, I never spoke about it, but, it does explain why I spent so much time in the closet as a child. —Literally, I meditated in the closet. Privacy was hard to come by in our house.
2. I am 1/4 French Canadian. So, all of you who were trying to figure out why my skin looks like I’m “mixed” or where my “good hair” comes from. It’s the Native American/French Canadian/African American hybrid thingy… Do you feel better now???
3. I wake up elated most mornings. Yes, I am talkative and happy. And, some people hate me for it. And, I find their anger amusing. So, it only makes it worse for them.
4. I love cursing! Yes, as spiritual as I am, I soooo love cursing. I don’t know if it’s because people say I shouldn’t speak like that because I’m supposed to be a “lady”. Or, because I’m an artist and nothing is either too sacred or profane for me to say. 😉
5. I sometimes don’t leave my apartment on the weekends. Seriously, I have more energy than like five people to put together. So, when I need rest, that’s what I do. Even if that means not leaving my apartment. –I like it. 😉
6. I laugh at myself all the time. I really love who I’ve become and have no problem laughing at my quirks… And, I have no problem being the only one laughing in a crowd.
7. I glow in the dark. Yep… I do. You do too, but, perhaps you don’t know anything about “photons”. It’s sorta like what makes those little creatures in the ocean glow in the water… people do that kinda thing too. I suggest anyone interested in scientific evidence to go look up that article on “Glowing Hands”. You only think I’m crazy, because you haven’t done the research.
5. I’m very telepathic. And, my inner circle will confirm this. If you think about me too much, I’ll hear you and either call, text or email you. And, if I can hear you, that means you’re telepathic too! Duh! LOL 
6. I hug trees. There’s nothing like being in Muir Woods and being in the presences of these trees that have lived for hundreds of years. It makes me shine just to think about them.
7. I’ve been nude in public. My ex-husband took me to the desert on one of our trips to California. We camped out over night. The next day it was a 110 degrees. I learned two things: 1. Nature is better nekked. 2. Tan lines really should be optional.
8. Children stare at me a lot. This is a new phenomenon. But, I’ve been randomly followed by toddlers, or, reached for, plenty smiled at.. And, one or two just wanted to come home with me. LOL… Yes, I have friends that confirm this.
9. I can tell within 3-5 minutes if you are someone I should know. I’ve always been able to do this. It’s called “vibes”, and they don’t lie–EVER. And, after learning the hard way for many years… I just go with what I know. As, I’ve learned repeatedly, even when I don’t think I know something, I really do.
10. I love watching sports with guys! LOVE IT! Although, I’m not fanatical, I am that chick who gets into the game so much that she’s cursing at the TV. Or cursing the ref, or who you’re trying to make sure doesn’t get into a fight with the obnoxious asshole that refuses to sit down and stop blocking the view!
11. I have a thing for hard-to-get-to-know guys… Perhaps because I’m really persistent, and those are the guys that usually have good stories to tell. I don’t mind that they are a bit dark. But, anything that sets off the “vibe-o-meter” yeah…he gets the pinkslip, or never spoken to at all.
12. My favorite bedroom slippers are  “The Grinch”. Yeah, I got them for Christmas one year from my ex-husband. I love them soo much!
13. I pick up languages, dialects, and accents pretty easily. I have a good ear, but, not perfect pitch. Which is odd.
14. I am not a fan of Texas. I had a car accident in Dallas, people really need to learn how to drive in that state!
15. I think Las Vegas is weird. It’s not the sex that bothers me… It’s the mindless gambling and eating… it’s like everyone is walking around unders some odd mindcontrol. –Gives me the willies!
16. I discovered at my friend’s wedding that Lake Tahoe is one talkative place. EVERYTHING talks there! The rocks, the trees, the water, the wind…everything. It’s cursed Native Lands. So, if you’re part Native…make sure you respect the ancestors that guard it.
Okay, that’s it…Who am I tagging?
2. Gene
3. Heather
***Have at it ladies!

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