Some people my find it odd that when going out about their daily lives, that perfect strangers come up to them and yell, “I love you!” But, nope… not me. This kinda of stuff happens to me a lot, albeit that that was only the second “I love you” a man I don’t know gave to me from outta nowhere. The first one was on the subway, today’s was on the street on the way to the library. So, what do I say to these proclomations of love, from someone who doesn’t know me, just sees me and says that? I say… “Thank you.” And, keep walking.  In both instances, the men wanted me to stop and discuss someting or other…and try and get me to understand that they are serious, they really do love me. Here’s the deal… I know! And, in both cases, I said, “Yes, I know, I believe you.” The guy from today said, “Then why are you still walking away?” My answer: “Because I have other stuff to do!” Again…to some this would be strange, to me…this is part of my normal.
People sometimes have odd reactions to me, whether its some dude spontaneously breaking into song (happens quite a bit), another breaking into a sweat, or someone locking their gaze onto me unable to look away (this happens with both women and men). Why does this happen, you ask? I could tell you, but, I’d rather you figure it out yourself. But, I will say this–it has nothing to do with my physical attributes.
I could tell you that this “thing” about me, is new, but, it’s not. Ever since I could remember people would stare at me. And, as I’ve gotten older and have grown as a woman, and a spiritual being…it happens more and more. How convenient that I also happen to be a performer, too.   I have to admit that every once in a while it gets on my nerves. But, that’s usually because I’m just not feeling like being with other people at the time. Meaning: It’s me, its not you. LOL Otherwise, I’ve embraced it, and am trying to use it for a greater good. Plus… who in their right mind wouldn’t accept love from wherever, or from whomever is offering it to you?!  I did mention I’m a libra, right (only a trillion times, but, who’s counting?!)? I will accept love, and throw some right back at cha, but…that doesn’t mean I can stop the task at hand to do so. I got stuff to do, you know?
If perchance, my normal attempts to become apart of yours; If you have strangers, yelling their love for you, breaking into song, staring at you totally mesmerized… Please…accept it. It’s a gift, and its for you! NO, there wasn’t a mistake! They aren’t nuts, you aren’t weird… This is one those moments you hear about happening, but, it’s usually to other people. Don’t put to much thought into the “whys”, or the “what ifs”….  Logic is bullshit, but love… in its infinite forms and various ways of delivery… that is REAL! You don’t have to marry the person… you don’t have to question their sanity, or yours… And, puh—leaze don’t try and over-analyze it. Just say, “thank you” and keep going. That way the gift isn’t lost. They gave love, they feel good, and you recieved  love, therefore you feel good. The end! And, everyone leaves with a great day at hand. Somethings needn’t be explained, only experienced!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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