First, I gotta give a shout out to all those people who love me and think enough of me to acknowledge my birthday. For me, it’s not about the gifts, it’s about how shocked I am every year, when I get sooo much love via phone, text, email and now here at myspace! Some people reflect on years gone by on their birthdays–me? I was grateful for the gift of of friendships that I’ve given myself over the years! I’m still in awe of all of you! You amaze me, and in a lot of ways you reflect me back to myself. I surround myself with some brillant souls! Hope you all recognize yourselves! I know I see you!
On another note, Star Bright aka The SunDeevah and many more names, did a battle of spirit today. And, um…I won. Dude, it was kinda crazy, I was verbally attacked by this–this…okay, I’ll call it a woman, but, it was really a dark, negative feeder posing as a woman. But, dude, I was stopped because they wanted me to comment on the FSU taser incident for a show. The camera guy was nice, but, the chick…ICK, ICK, ICK! I refused to talk to her, and let her know that the reason no one would talk to them was her vibe. I calmly said, I’d help the dude and told her to move away from me.
For real, for real, don’t ask me to comment on something, nor put my face on camera without being able to tell me where the info will end up, what kind of questions I’d be answering and who you are! Seriously, this lady started verbally attacking me, calling me a troublemaker, negative, mumbling about having to love her enemies and then saying she was a healer!  OKAY! Just so you all know, healers don’t go around announcing themselves, nor verbally abusing the masses.
After I finished talking to the dude, she walked passed me still vomiting her bile-filled words. I kept going until she called me a “bitch”. Now, why on God’s green earth and blue waters did she do that?! I halted where I was, and did an about-face, and started marching right back toward her. The guy saw me before she did and his eyes became big quarters and she spun around and accused me of wanting a fight. –And, for all of you who know my temper…LOL…nope…I didn’t lay one finger on her. –Not one. I simply called the icky what it was. I began to yell loudly that she was a psychic vampire. And, then, I loudly beseeched Raphael to “Heal this feeder!” She started running away… I beseeched louder…she crossed the street… I beseeched louder, “Heal this psychic vampire!” and she crossed yet another street, all the while cursing me at the top of her lungs! This all started at the corner of Lafayette and astor place, and she ended up over by those dudes who sell books going toward St. Marks. Hmm…wonder why she didn’t want Raphael to heal her? I mean, don’t all healers work with Raphael?! LOL
Anyway, the dude, was in “shock and awe” ( come on, I couldn’t resist) and said, “Oh my god you ran her off like she was a demon and you were a…” I said, “Angel?” He just said to me, he understood what happened, and I said, as long as you have a feeder in your life, you will not be successful. Anyway, he took my number, and I went and got a manicure. LOL…
Here’s the thing, don’t call me out and hurl obsenities and lies at me and think I’ll get embarassed and walk away. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I don’t make a good victim. I do not. So…I’m amazed by my life…I love it, I’m still having a great time! I hope you are too!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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