So, I’ve been off for like a week from working as I am a consultant. This after 5 mos. of 45-50 hour work weeks, business dinners, gatherings, and holiday parties. Dude… I was fried. And, I’ve been recovering ever since. Mind you, I haven’t been just resting on my laurels…I’ve been working on my business plan for Hot Pies & Tarts, LLC. which we plan to open at year end. I’ve also been going to yoga and being social. This may not seem like a lot (or, maybe it is), but, January is usually my chill month, where I’m a boarderline vegetable, who doesn’t leave the apartment except for food or work. But, it was this morning that I re-discovered something…
I am not a 9-5er! I don’t like cubicles, business suits, corporate policies, professional ass-kissers, and conformist! I am not part of “they”! I am an artist. I’d rather wake up after 9 am, but, if I have to wake up early, I’d rather it be to mediate or go to yoga or for a run. Then, I want to be able to roll up to my computer, work on either my store or a script, or my latest production. I want to wear jeans, cargo pants, t-shirts and boots as my uniform–not business suits (nevermind that I look very sexy in them!). And, dude… I do not like people telling me what to do! Therefore it’s become crystal clear, my life as an entrepreneur isn’t just an idea, it’s the only life that is suitable for me. Everything else involves, personal compromise, self-sacrfice and a lot of other things that require therapy and anti-depressants.
So, yeah, I expect that my days of working full-time for someone else are over. I’m just not a worker bee, or a drone, or whatever. You can’t be a follower if leadership is what comes natural. So…dude…they can have it. I’ll work my consultant gig, get my dough and be out, until our store can support us. After that…I will be the nomadic, bohemian, rebel-with-a-cause that I am. If I’m going to work 45-50 hours a week, they’re going to be for me, because I’ll actually appreciate it. And, the results will be for my dream, not someone else’s!  Yeah, now that’s what I call, Life, liberty and the pursuit of (my) happiness. Rock on!!!!
Now, no disrespect to all my worker bee peeps. You’re very important and necessary, and I have a lot of admiration for you. I just cannot do it, myself. Too much type A  I suppose. All I know is, I dance to my own beat, and I’m pretty sure that the percussionist is playing tribal music. This isn’t your top 40 station kids! : )
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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