Optimism isn’t a  temporary state, neither  is being positive. It isn’t always rainbows, cotton candy and bowls of cherries. And, to think that is absolutely ridiculous. It isn’t walking around in a perpetual euphoric state that some experience while on some sort of drug that makes them feel ecstatic, or whatever. It isn’t any of the bullshit, everyday, mundane things that you’ve heard of.
What optimism boils down to is the ability to find the lesson in every challenge. It is the ability to make your vision of yourself so flexible that nothing is insurmountable–no problem unsolvable, no glitch a deal-breaker. Being positive means that you are resolved to find goodness in every situation, and everyone. But, the first person  you must discover, nurture and develop goodness in is yourself. If you cannot win this person over, everything else is lost.
I’m really tired of being put on trial, belittled, or ridiculed because I am an optimist, and I am positive. I’m tired of people treating me as if there’s something wrong with me, because I refuse to be unhappy. I will not allow myself to be brought down just because that’s where the majority resides. And, if someone insists on trying to bring me down to a level they find more comfortable… Then, I’ll have to demonstrate how being positive and optimistic is much stronger than not. I’m not afraid of controversy, unpopularity, or living on the fringe of society.
Even when I was young I knew that happiness would be a personal goal for me. If you ever met my immediate family, you quickly realize that I am the “eccentric” one. I don’t do anything in a small way. I don’t believe in doing anything half-assed. Go big, or go home! That’s how I’ve always seen life. If I cannot give everything, I will give nothing. Sure, I realize, that marginalizes me quite a bit. But, the miracle has been that I grew out of caring.
I no longer feel the need to be quiet when I say things that aren’t politically correct, or hear things that are blantly disrespectful to either the planet, or another soul. Nor, do I care that as I become more and more of myself, people stare at me more and more. You know that song, “This little light of mine.”??? Well, here’s the deal, my light… it’s HUGE! And, I’m shinning it. Light, is what the world really needs a lot more of these days. We need to be a lot more encouraging of one another to shine their lights regardless of what society thinks. But, the truth is, the average person doesn’t want to encourage another person. Why is that? Simple, no one wants to be reminded that they are not only not shinning their own light, but, in some extreme cases suppressing it!
I have never believed life is hard. I haven’t. I believed life is challenging, because it’s like a puzzle that I’m constantly trying to figure out. But, the truth is… I LOVE PUZZLES! I love knowing that no matter what happens, I will find the lesson, I will find the answer, I will solve the problem! I love knowing that when I start at the bottom of the mountain, the reward is in both the hike up and the view from the top! And, at the top… enlightenment!
So, for all of you who truly think that optimism is some temporary state, let me tell you…it isn’t. I live here all the time. If you think being positive is some sort of outfit that someone like me wears on occassion; understand, it is my very essence and I cannot take it off.
Perhaps this is why Mr. Obama’s messages of hope confuses so many. People think there’s something wrong with those of us who hope and then make changes. They’ve been fooled into believing that the slackiest, laziest, most pessimistic part of ourselves is all there is. It isn’t so. There are those of us, who wake up everyday wanting to be better. There are those of us, who spend every NOW moment, seeking to be more. There are those of us who will not settle for less than our personal best. And, if that makes me odd, or weird, or unacceptable by the majority, then perhaps the majority needs to reevaluate it’s own purpose of existence–not mine.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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