So, it’s been a while since I wrote anything, because a lot of times, I have to wait for clarity before I can speak on things. It has always annoyed me when people speak before it’s time, before they have anything worth speaking or hearing for that matter. Far too often, we are being subjected to news, newsletters, materials, books, blurbs, articles and a whole bunch of useless noise, because most things have become a business, a means to an end–sincerity gets buried under the need to earn cash. I’m over it.

I have disconnected from groups I had been sitting on the fringes of. I do this more often than people realize, because–it’s not about them. It’s not about belonging to a herd, a group, a community or anything like that. This is and has always been about belonging to me. I had been warned that the time was coming probably a year before it came. I was becoming more and more irritated by what I was hearing, the behaviors of people, the seeming lack of awareness of what it means to master yourself. Everyone feels oh so safe in a heard– everyone “believes” the same, “thinks” the same, “acts” the same… and, as long as you meet the requirements of that group, and ruffle no feathers, challenge no ideas or programs… you’re okay to stay. Except… again, the point of my visiting and communing with anything, anyone, or going anywhere is to gather knowledge, awareness, vibrational consciousness… and, then… be out. There will be no Ascended Masters coming from a herd… It simply makes no sense. It’s impossible to hear yourself think, grow yourself, or transform if you’re lost in feeding the masses… And, while some may not understand, agree, or criticize…. In my heart, in my soul, in my I AM, this rings as true to me, as a bell resonating across space and time. You will have to be ALONE  with yourself in order to MASTER yourself.

While I continue to enjoy amazing relationships with different energies, guides, angels and ascended masters– they do not hover anymore. They do not come rushing in with advice or guidance like before. In fact, the feeling I’ve had to get used to for almost a year is that of pregnant stillness and silence. Yes, my crew is still there, yes, the angels gather, and  yes the masters before me come and… watch. That’s what they do– everyone watches. Why? Because now, its time for them to learn from me. What?! How can this be, you say? It’s simple… This is the Masterhood of Monica P. Hall, not Mary Magdalene, not, Buddha, not Yeshua Ben Joseph, not St. Germain, not Quan Yin, not Seraphis Bey… Me. None of those that came before me, can tell me how to be Master Monica. That is my story to write. Those before me have brought, and continue to bring to me new energies to help me complete the level of consciousness that I am at, but, it is I doing the  reaching, the transforming, the transmuting– going through the discomfort, the pain, the joy, the twists and turns. For me to continue to put more emphasis on what has been done by those before me, than what I am doing right now, is a misplacement of valuable energy. And, I will do it no more. Instead, I will spend more time in my sacred space, whether it be in my home, or in the ether– I will sit there with the silence and allow myself to continue on my journey– I will continue to choose “yes”. And, allow everyone and everything that needs to come or leave to do so at will.

I am one chapter short of finishing my book, and this wonderful, often painful growth period is why the book is still unfinished. I don’t know what to say… yet. I once heard Toni Morrison talk about the habit of wasting words… I agree. The silence has much more knowledge than people realize. In fact, every sentence worth speaking is born of silence.

So, here I am, a newly minted forty year old– with her diamond heart chakra fully activated. I am happier, more confident and calm than I’ve ever realized was possible. While I continue to be irritated by the annoyances of the world; they are minor, they barely register– I’m simply tired of that mode of existence and I cannot bother to pretend otherwise. I’m tired of old energy, and I gratefully release it–it’s heavy, it’s cyclical, and it’s useless to me. The truth is, I am different than most, and I’m at peace with that. I am at peace with being a master.


Love Peace Happiness N One,






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