NYC has been having some seriously crazy weather. Yesterday it was windy, rainy, and warm. I, for one, found the weather exhilarating… Yes, it was somewhat foreboding, but,it was filled with high energy that would not be denied!  And, that’s the thing, the time for denial of change is over! The weather is a nice reflection of this fact. And, yet still–still people try.

Why? Why can’t I stay asleep? Why can’t I just remain in my safe, but, miserable slumber of denial?! I don’t want to wake up! I want to be self-centered, stupid, self-entitled and treat others like they don’t matter! Damn you mass consciousness with your need to be evolved! I hate you! 

Lmao… I know some of you are feeling that way. You really thought the great shift would move around you. You thought you could hide from it. You thought you could sleep right through it. It’s kinda like staying inside from a storm only for there to be a tornado that moves your house, or an earthquake that moves your bed from one side of the room to the other…. You will NOT  remain asleep for this part of evolution… So, grow up, and deal!

Everyone wants to know what’s wrong with people. What’s wrong with the world, why is morale so low? Why don’t we care anymore? And, I’ll tell you why, because we are cut off from our true selves, and therefore are cut off from the Oneness that connects us all. The zombie trend isn’t a trend at all people. It’s indicative of how we are functioning as a world… Our bodies walk, talk, work and go through the motions of life.  Except, our brains aka divine minds aren’t functioning at all. So, we bump into each other without acknowledgement, or apology. We cut each other off in traffic never realizing we could kill ourselves and a slew of others. We walk through open doors, never saying “thank you” to the person who was kind enough to open it for us.  We treat one another as competition rather than partners–and, some of these competitors are married to one another.

I wish I could say this is just NYC. But, it isn’t… It’s everywhere. In fact, there’s a whole generation of these kinds of people. People born and groomed into believing we were all waiting to cater to them, give them jobs simply because they exist. And, now–now the truth is blinding us all. We’ve created competion to the point we really believe there’s not enough for all of  us. Except, the truth is… you’re actually being denied the ability to fend for yourselves, because it goes against a polticial or economic agenda. No, not just capitalism… it’s much more global than that.  Look deeper…. Why would someone deny you the right to grow your own food? So you’ll be forced to buy it from them, perhaps?  And, if  you have to buy it from them, now they have the power to tell you how much you deserve, or, if you deserve it at all… Sick isn’t it? Yes, but, we’ve been sick for a long time. It’s only now that the illness has gone beyond the tipping point… Rather than denying… shouldn’t we be doing something about this?

Funny how truth is finding light in every way possible. You have to see, that vaccination once was about curing… And, now, perhaps it’s about profit. Education once was about providing a future for an individual, and the whole through their efforts… Now, it’s about competition, concentration of wealth, and profits. Insurance used to be about safe-guarding things we hold dear, and now when there’s any sign of trouble, you have to fight to get back the monies you invested…  This is the shift at work…  Seeing thing as they are, rather than how we’d like them to be… Seeing that the power of the individual has been medicated, brainwashed, and distracted in order corral us like cattle, and use the masses to provide wealth, health and all the comforts of life, to a few.

This isn’t about politics… This isn’t about the economy… This isn’t about social class… This isn’t about religion… This is about the liberation of the spirit. This is about  you and us as the individual, powerful, infinite beings we are, realizing and utilizing our power to say “yes”, or “no”.  And, realizing that those two words are powerful, and are challenged everyday by those who would have your power for themselves. But, in order for ANYONE to have your power, YOU have to give it to them.  Remember, all feeders, must be invited to feed off of you. And, it’s your job to realize that when someone wants your power they will stop at NOTHING to have it. They will tell you to put other’s before yourself, except they do mean every other person that isn’t you. Put, the egos of the family, the country, the village, the community, the government before you. And, once you do that… you are so depleted of energy, of clarity, that you have absolutely nothing left for yourself. And, YES this was intentional.

The light is here, and it is spreading…Light is starting to overwhelm us all after too many years of darkness, of status quo, and fearing using our own voices. Why? Why now?? Because the universe is ready for us to evolve, and we’re ready. We’ve gone as far as we can with this mass consciousness of FEAR. And, we’re sick of being afraid, sick of being told what kind of life we must live, and how we must live it.  And, we’re sick of being used for the will of others, rather than ourselves… The time is NOW and we MUST choose. No choice is a choice. If we stick our head in the sand, it will simply shift away, so that we are forced to see. So, if you’re feeling on edge, perhaps this is why. You are feeling what we are all feeling… The shift is here, the change is now.


Love Peace Happiness N One,



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