What is your smile hiding–is it the saddness behind your eyes?
Has the blackhole-sun  you created swallowed your clear blue skies?
Do you remember when dreams were to be lived, loved and never gave chase?
Once upon a time youth earned wisdom, now its burnt in haste.
He says, that the miserable need hope to cure them, but, what are they hoping for?
What hope is there when you deny who you are and medicate your core?
They’re getting lost in the hangover, sleepwalking in the haze…
–Popping one more pill to perpetuate confusion and the maze.
Light calls out to them in hopes someone, anyone will react…
In darkness, responds a weeping soul trying to find it’s way back.
To all my peoples lost in the confusion, deaf to their conscience, numb to love, looking for validity in someone else’s mind,  settling for what is, rather than pursuing what can be… The ones who love fear more than you love yourself–you’re missed, homey…by all of us. 
To all my people fighting the good fight, but finding courage in the bottom of too many bottles, in the misuse of nature’s green leaves and powered tree sap, and those who’ve become slave to a pill… We need you to win the war within, before you can help the rest of us. Soul-jah up.
To all the lightworkers caught up in the dark–who have words to inspire, change and save the world… You know who you are… Armed with weapons of tounge and pen… We need you to live the sermon, before we believe it. Be the example, be the standard, show the rest of us how its done.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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