As I sit here, in this now space… I find myself some what dismayed at the mixed signals the “spiritual” community seems to be giving. Is there not a difference between being passive and a pacifist? Is there not a difference between being aware of what’s happening around you, and actively ignoring it? Now we come to it… As the shift continues, the chasm between “passively” spiritual, and “actively” awake in ascension becomes clearer to me.

I’ve grown quite concerned that there is a message being hidden in spirituality, that we must passively watch the world implode upon itself and say nothing. Notice I didn’t say “do”?? There is a reason for that. Not all situations call for us to physically do something in order to shine light upon it, in order for us to tell the status quo, “No”. But, to actively pretend it isn’t happening since it is not happening to us goes against the acknowledgement of “oneness”. If I see something wrong, to not open my throat chakra and use it to say “No! You will not do this without hearing my truth! You will not offend, suppress, thwart the light and truth and me remain silent!” — is out of the alignment of everything we came here to do.  Truth is being revealed from the darkest crevices of our existence, and I watch over and over, how some gurus, remain silent and peddle their products, workshops, classes and books, as if the shift isn’t in full swing and they in the midst of it.

What pray tell is all this knowledge for, this practice for, these experiences for, if not to confront the truth in its most beautiful and detestable forms? If we cannot do it with ourselves, we most certainly will fail at being beacons and standards for the rest of the world. How can you remind others of themselves, if you have no knowledge of yourself? If you sift through, rush through, paint over, or simply ignore the parts you do not deem desirable.

Every wise woman and man came this way… They started somewhere. They were the activist, the protestors, the rebels of their time. And, yet, when it is our turn, too many would rather quote Gandi, Yeshua, Martin, Harriet, HH Dali Lama, Buddha, and others, rather than confront, face, welcome and overcome their own conflicts, tests, trials, tribulations and yes, very loud naysayers. If that is your choice– you are no wise person, you are no master. I know I do not have to tell you, because your life speaks all on it’s own. And, if your business is struggling, your classes not full, your books not selling… perhaps this is why.

The starseed that came felt compelled to facilitate and participate in this great shift. And, now that it is here, and perhaps not meeting the expectation of some… the community is strangely and oddly silent. But, this is not the time for such things. This is the time, to help facilitate awakening for all those who are seeking it. It is the time, to usher out the darkness in the forms of prejudice, oppression, suppression and the illusion of domination of anything that is not ourselves. So… where are you lightworkers? Where is your voice? Where is your light?

How easy it is to float above the fray never grounding yourself to what’s happening to those struggling to wake up. But, again… how does that serve you? How does that further your ascension? How does that serve any of us? No… you cannot run. You cannot ignore. You must look at this…all of it, the seen the unseen. The beauty of light, the horrendous darkness, and you must choose whether or not  you will continue to hold the light–to be the standard. This IS what you signed up for, what you came here for, and it may get much WORSE before it gets BETTER. But, is that not how healing works? Is that not how history becomes itself? Is that not how you gained your wisdom in the first place? We must go through darkness to get to the new level and vibration of light. We must die to our old selves to be transformed into the new. That is the way of the masters, the way of ascension, and if we’re going to be here, the way we must go.


Love Peace Happiness N One,




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