Yo…Sunday evening at the Lily Pad. And, man oh man what a weekend. I had much love and light in the house as I spent time with two of my tribe members (I will be returning phone calls really soon. I promise!) The things I’ve seen and heard… HELLO is anybody out there?! Are you awake?!

We went to The Cloisters yesterday, four of us. And, “Oh…the places you’ll go.” That place, if you haven’t been is magical. Fort Tryon Park isn’t your everyday place. It demands many pauses and moments of reflection on your pilgrimage to the actual cloisters.

I can tell you this… Nothing is as it seems, and things will not be as they were ever again. So please, please if you are one of those that refuses to understand that things must change, that the world must grow and expand…please, reconsider. The earth isn’t asking for your permission. The tide doesn’t wait for you to go with it. And, universe expands and contracts without your say so.

What’s real, what matters? These questions are coming to the forefront of our everyday lives, and in our most quiet moments, so that we are forced to discern what matters most.  It’s like the title of U2’s album, “All that you can’t leave behind.” That’s all you need to take with you! It’s like anything that is forced into cramped corners–it will find its way out and will not be deterred. Nothing stops a tidal wave, a hurricane, an earthquake. You cannot stop nature. You cannot negotiate with what is, what has been and what will be. You can try…and, you’ll be crushed by something much bigger than yourself, or you can find a way to work with the energy given and be better for it.

If you look at your life metaphorically speaking, and it looks like a cluttered closet–you might want to take the time to clean house. Why? Because it’s like the earth, when she gets tired of the things we do to her….She cleans house aka hurricane, earthquake, or a torrential rain!  “Okay, Star, what if I don’t want to? What if I don’t want to clean house?” Yeah, you don’t have to, but, that’s the thing about nature is… it’s not asking your for permission. If you don’t want to clean house, well, maybe, the foundation of the house will be ripped from under you, and you’ll just lose the whole house? Damn! Don’t you wish you cleaned up when you had the chance?

They say change is one of those things you can always count on. So, if everything around you had to change, could you handle it? Would you still be able to be you in the midst of this change? No matter the shape it took. If the loss of a job, a partner, friend or ________ happened, would that uproot you too? Look around, there’s a shift, the market is shaky, the government is shaky, the ability to even own a home in the country is shaky, several religious belief systems are looking rather shaky. There doesn’t seem to be any steady ground, in which, to plant one’s self–everything we were taught to believe in is starting to give way and fall. What will your response be? If all the things you were taught to “believe” and “invest in” either financially or energetically–if those things were taken, shaken, stirred, and just plain crumbled underneath you, do you know who you’d be?

I’ll leave you with this… Once upon a time, people thought the world was flat… That blood was blue until exposed to oxygen, and that man would never make it to the moon… Anything is possible…. Are you ready?

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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