So… who’s tired?!!! ME!  But, I’m incredibly happy. So far, I’ve unpacked my kitchen and blue-taped my living room–oh yeah, I’m painting. I do not do well with neutral walls.
I’m so stoked because I’m actually able to be creative on the canvas that is my new place, as well as apply all the cool things I’ve learned on HGtv. I love that channel, and while I haven’t mastered the art of carpentry, I am pretty good at color, concept and execution of interior design. My living room kitchen area will be transporting me to morracco, my bedroom indonesia, my hallway Japan, and if you can fit in the bathroom…there’s a little country charm in it for you! Mind you, all of what I just said are works in progress, but, that’s the vision. So, hey, there’s a cool house warming in the future for my peeps not allergic to cats, and for those that are, please stay tuned for the warm weather gatherings in the backyard. Yeah… I have access! New York: It only took 14yrs to live like this! LOL…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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