Whew… recovering from quite the Friday night, not sure I’m gonna make that loft party tonight, but… it’s all good! Today, I got my new couch for my still fairly new apartment, and I can see the pixels of the full screen slowly coming together. Man…life is awesome in so many areas, that the aspects that are less than stellar…they’re managable.
I went out last night, and just tore up the village from east to west to back to east. And, I had a really great time. I realized that no matter the circumbstances in life, you really have to choose to party like a rock star, no matter where you are. People, things, work…if you let them, they will totally rain on your parade, piss in your cornflakes, and just make sure you have a sucky time of it in general. There’s nothing worse than being in a sea of people having a good time, and being that one person who not having a great time, you know? Now, of course, I’ve never been that person, but, seeing it up close is bad enough.
Life is a blank canvas, you can paint it whatever color you like. And, sometimes it’ll be easier than others to have a good time no matter what. But, the secret is in the intention. I’m not being all pollyana about this, you know what I mean? This week, I had to deal with some serious anger that I’ve had for a certain person, the unsavory behavior that’s been displayed. And, for real, for real… I wanted this person physcially altered. But, after I allowed myself to be really fucking angry…it blew through like the thunderstorm it was. I just cannot be unhappy, or angry, or miserable. There’s no fun in it, no reward, no knowledge… just dwelling, blaming and shirking of accountability. Nah…I’ll pass.
So, tonight… I chill on the new couch, I enjoy the silence, and I enjoy the memories I made last night with my cohort in crimes and misdemeanors. Heehee. I cannot change other people, nor make decisions for them that impact me–but, I can choose to make every situation a party. And, that is where the party’s at! Okay… now…about that drink order. I’ll take a maker’s mark with coke and …
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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