She comes creeping into his thoughts at night.
Truth, her candle, shining bright
Smiling her words of what was said
Eyes speaking… his thoughts read.

Chanting lies to himself; repeat
His love, to her he won’t bequeath
A language foreign: he won’t speak.
–A hollow life for him to greet.

One more drink and she’ll go away
Deny the current to make her stay.
Lose her in the herbal fog…
Farce made real– just play along.

Still, quiet reflects her image in his mind.
And, peace refuses to give him its time.
What is there for God’s gift to do?
When what he holds tightly to, is what he must lose?

It has been four years hence…
Since God’s gift sat upon his fence
–Swaying one side, then the next.
…Comforted by Jack, Herb and regret.

Yet, still, she comes and will not go away…
And, denial becomes a harder place to stay.
Rest comes with her embrace…
Happiness illuminates her face.

No! He cannot let them in…
–Thoughts of her and their delightful sin.
He will fight their happiness with all his might.
If she be merciful, he will sleep tonight.

*Inspired by actual events.

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