I need to get this out… I am not into to fundamentalist of any sort. Truly…I am not. I was raised in a very Christain home, and my mom used to watch the now very deceased Jerry Fallwel in our home. But, as I got older she stopped watching. And, as I got older, I started asking questions, living my life and finding my own answers.
Here’s the truth about me, I do not believe in organized religion. I do not believe in fear-mongering of any sort, by any one. Fear isn’t a tool to educate, empower or make peace. Imaginary power over other people is just that–imaginary. Power begins and ends with one’s self, and some people get it, some people don’t. Power can only be given away, it cannot be stolen or taken—it’s the fear of death and judgement that makes us all want so badly to be in someone’s good graces. Okay…before anyone asks–no, I’m not an atheist, but, I do not believe the generally accepted definiton of God either. I believe in the oneness of all things, and therefore, I cannot in good conscience rejoice over the death of anyone regardless of whether or not I agree with their belief system, lifestyle, deathstyle…or whatever.
I’ve been truly sickened by the reaction of the death of Fallwel (hello a name says a lot), the Don Imus case (on both sides, by the way), the War, the raising of the price of the postage stamp, Darfur, Mexican borders, the NYC homeless–the world’s homeless, the hungry and the uneducated. And, the everyday ignorance of most people. I’m green around the gills at people’s inability to have compassion for one another above all else! Ignorance battled with ignorance breeds more ignorance. Fundamentalist verbally crucified by other fundamentalist means there’s even more ick for the rest of us to wade through. I’m tired of people thinking their pain is worse than someone else’s. Pain is pain, it isn’t measured! It just is! And, its all well and good to hate people for their differences of opinon, religion, sexuality, skin color, finances, educations, etc… until of course you need them! Right? Don’t let a natural disaster strike, a terrorist attack, or some sort of organ transplant be needed—then, then, with mortality staring you right in the face, you can see the sameness of everyone around you–and you are expecting that everyone will ban together for the good of all, right? Right?  Again…ick! 20/20 hindsight is like apologizing after doing something wrong, knowing it was was wrong before you did it!  Dude…that kind of existence ins’t for me. I’m not interested.
Sure, I realize that what I’m saying is controversial on a few levels… And? So? I realize that there will be some entrances and exits of people in my life because of what I choose for myself, no offense but–again, and? So? I’ve gotta be able to live with myself, to look myself in the mirror everyday. And, if that means other’s want to seperate themselves from me…I can only accept it. The only mind I have the power to change is mine. But, I sure as hell will not be quiet while people tear each other down because they aren’t walking in a nice single-filed line to conformity, or anarchy for that matter.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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